BGMC 16 | BOX, The Sneakering

For good or ill, here’s the entry!

Enter: Progress through the titles.
WAD: Walk around.
E: Activate strange looking boxes…
C: Since there’s no save feature, and the game has a bit of trial-and-error, this should help you quickly pass through areas you’ve already completed by making you invisible to the naked eye!



CG Textures

“Torncardboard” by chrisdesign (http//


Music by Eric Matyas

(Delightfully linked in the Off-Topic forums!)

Really brilliant game!
I’m always amazed at how many really great games come out of the BGMC.
I loved the story, the puzzles were pretty fun and the mechanic for getting through previously cleared areas made me kick myself for not including my own Partridge Easter Egg. :slight_smile: I also loved the characters, the animations and the use of a single texture type was a inspired idea.

I don’t really have any criticisms, though I found the camera would flicker sometimes if I was just on the edge of one ares and another.

Good luck in the BGMC!

Tested on linux 2.74, it works. Lovable game, nice art, nice music, great job.

THat’s really good and fun! Good luck!

Ahahaha! So cute! :smiley:
I especially love the music, did you make it too?

The camera solution is not bad. Respawn points obviously would be nice. Still loving it! (EDIT: re-reading… darn, should have tried C button… and E does something as well?..)


very cute!

So nice game, I love the design! Some people just have perfect imagination. The lighting and textures are perfect too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good vibes, people!

Smoking_mirror: Eheh, I was pretty happy when I discovered that there was a meme of Partridge that I could exploit. As to the flickering, doh! I thought I’d got all those. Goes to show you can’t do enough playtesting.

pgi: Cheers! Glad it’s Linux compatible, I admit I hadn’t considered other OSs.

blenderjunkie: Thankee, you too.

qubodup: I figure you’ve probably already found out given the edit, but I’ll just plug the guy again since the music find was golden. The music is by Eric Matyas and was sourced from , where there’s good bunch of quality tracks to be had. Also, I need to watch more Adventure Time.

BluePrintRandom: We were aiming for dark, realistic, and gritty. But we’ll settle for Cute.

adriansnetlis: Cheers on the complements! Or compliments. I get those two mixed up.

By the way, I’m using 64-bit architecture Linux Ubuntu 15.04 and Blender 2.74 and I can confirm that it really works fine for me. But in one place it is hard to get further!

I died the same as you did:D

This was an amazing game, very well polished. Great work!

So cool. :slight_smile: No complaints. I couldnt possibly vote for the best game, because there are too many really good ones.

+1 for the Alan partridge inclusion. Was worked into the game really well!

Where the Alan Partridge is here? I got over theese 2 spinning kitites, don’t know what to do next :frowning:

GOOD: Cute subject matter, great art style. My cats have a sick fetish for cardboard boxes, so I could empathise with our hero. LOL.

BAD: Entirely un-optimized level design, clunky controls (probably due to crummy frame rate from having to draw all those un-needed polys), and generally boring game play; at least nothing fun at the beginning to hook me into wanting to explore more than the first few ‘rooms’. A lack of checkpoints/auto-save make boring game play tedius, repetitive boring game play (is C supposed to do something here? All it does for me is turn me into a less-funny box :smiley: )

Epic “Game Over” screen, made me laugh a bit more than it should have.
Also reminded me of this:

Much like Nines, the game suffered from low frame rate. We’re talking unplayable levels - the lowest of the low, UNDER 9000!!!

Despite that though, I loved the look of the world, the models, (especially the cats, who look adorable btw) and the Stealth element were excellent! Good choice of music too, that bass line was awesome.

Shogun Lloyd: Thankee very much!

theoldguy: Cheers, and I know what you mean. So, by default you should probably just vote for mine. :smiley:

battery: Glad you liked it!

adriansnetlis: In case you decide to try it again, the answer to your questions can be found inside yourself… or in the “Controls” section of the top post. One of those two.

Nines: Yeah, I had a feeling that the single-level thing might cause some problems. Originally I had it in mind to change scene for each challenge, but my Blender liked to crash whenever it did that so I decided to keep it to one level, which kicked FPS and a save feature in one. Perils of time constraints, I guess! Thanks for the balanced review!

(Also, vendetta on your family.)

RandomPickle97: I admit I spend far too much time chuckling at the death screen as well. Glad someone else did as well.

To all wondering what does C exactly does: It will make you invisible to your enemies. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to walk to get back to the area where you died, but that’s good exercise. I’ll update the main post with this info.

Definitly one of the prettiest games from the jam, but the gameplay didn´t really live up to my expectations. I didn´t really know what I should do, what I can do and got quickly stuck in the level.
It´s very cute and the artstyle is great, but gameplay comes in first.
I think it´s very common to forget to explain every little detail to the player, also a thing I did with my first games.

The room with the spinning cats is confusing x.x. Though I loved the concept, the cats are so awesome. They have a spring to them before they pounce to you. Also the ending makes it seem like the cats are evil little monsters, like a five nights of Freddy ending. I jumped out of my seat when one of the cats spotted me.

I’m not sure I’d agree with that. You don’t really need to explain every single thing. I’m a teacher and these days we are told to demonstrate not explain. Gameplay should be staged to reveal new mechanics and suggest new strategies one at a time. I think this game does that pretty well, as each puzzle builds on the one before. First one cat, then a different kind of cat, then more cats… A tutorial is not really needed, but thats just my opinion. Im aware that Im a bit old…