BGMC 16 | Sebastian the Squirrel

I’m falling asleep, please get me home… ZZZZZZZZ

WASD- Move
Spacebar- Jump

I didn’t finish completely, but I wrapped it up. Have fun!

Thanks For Playing


Tested, it works. I like the squirrel, it looks funny.

I can’t pass the first enemies, so hard to see them through grass. Where should I go?:smiley:

Sorry, yeah, I had some people I know test it and I basically had to tell them exactly where to go, and they had me shorten the grass. I would say go on the side of the rock the eagle isn’t after the first rock take a hard left and then avoid the stomping feet, I have fixed some of the issues.
Here is a revised .blend

Sorry I should have paid attention to the issues earlier, It should be easier(hopefully)

Yep same problem here, couldn’t see through the grass. I’ll try the new version tomorrow.
Looks like a cool game though. The controls are a little wonky for me, but still cool. :slight_smile:

Good, funny- I played , especially when you grab the bird:evilgrin: Control made ​​me the beginning of a problem but you can get used to it. I commend the original idea

This is a really mean camera. Love the jumping feet and cars though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing a basic run-through of the games- sorry about the camera I was trying a new set up.

The concept is hilarious, and I think you did well in giving the sense of scale for the character. Crossing the road was my favourite bit by far, nicely done.

Hi! I just played Sebstian the Squirrel! So cute concept and great sense of scale. I really liked the placement of the enemies, you really had to think before you walked.

There is some problems though:
First of all, the music does not fit to the game at all! It feels very sad and dramatic. You should have a happier tune.

The camera is very bad! It is hard to see in front of you, and also stange after you have turned it around and start walking forward.

The character design looks a bit weird. For instance, the eyeball sits outside the body, and the nose is just flat. really liked that he had a stick and a bag though!

Overall the animations is very stiff.

Awesome idea with the bird shadows, but you are accturly able to jump over them which is not logical.

The birds who stand still should have a idle animation.

The jumping legs is cool, but they should bend their knees when they jump. Its abit stiff now…

I did not get the end, was it a dream? :open_mouth:

But overall, it was a really fun game that i enjoyed playing! Good job! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the music was a bit sad, and most of those things I was planning on adding and/or fixing, and as I mentioned before the camera set up was a new idea, it kinda fell flat. thanks for the comments.

Played it earlier today, it was neat!
Only complaint was the camera, which wasn’t really that bad after getting used to everything. Liked everything else about it, though. The models, the environment - even the music. At first I found it to be a bit out of place, but after about 10 minutes of constant looping, I can kinda see what you were going for

Got as far as level 3, reached the big open room at the end and nothing happened. Might have missed the collision thingy that sets the scene? Had it happen on level 1 too. Was walking up along the wall and got to the wall down the slope. I ended up skipping to level 4. Couldn’t get past the circling hawk, had some ducks come out from the sides and caused me to jump. A pretty effective jumpscare, their stance is pretty intimidating. Eventually gave up, really liked the game though!

That being said, would like to see more from you outside these competitions, your games have a particular charm to them!
Good luck in the competition!

That being said, would like to see more from you outside these competitions,

Thank you for that.

sorry about level three, I probably should have warned people there was a fork in the road (I was going to), and also I have currently not finished the 4th level either (but the end isn’t worth much). and the collision thing I noticed around, I should have set up a better system, but for the most part people found the end I think.

Thank you for all the comments
Good luck to everyone


Much better that your last BGMC entry, in fact I’ve noticed you getting better every time.
Once I got the hand of the controls it was pretty fun to play. The music was scary though. :smiley:
I though there was a problem when I got to the cave at the end and everything went black, but I guess that’s just the end?

Sorry I was going to respond this morning but some adware got installed preventing me from using the internet. I was wondering, which cave was the “end” that you were mentioning because there are several cave. I only finished four levels, sorry again about the collisions with the end, that has been an issue.

I love the idea. Was going to comment on the grass, but you got the looked at. The cars are scary D:.