BGMC 16 Stealthy Switchers

Ok so i didnt get anything near what i was wanting done(had a lot of stuff on this week :S). None of the nice fancy effects that i wanted, only one level. But i did get a playable game finished, should probubly use 2 controllers while playing using some mapping software like xpadder.(costs but worth it)


Heres the game:

player 1-
wd to move,
q to swap
e to close eyes
s to attack
x to jump

player 2-
jl to move,
u to swap
o to close eyes
k to attack
m to jump

Its a 2 player competitive game as i didint want to attempt to make any AI

Cool! just played it, and now i know that it is a two person game.

Ye iv added thats its 2 players only now :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fun game, I played it with my sister, a couple things to fix though, sometimes movement is a little finicky and the keyboard controls are a little difficult. Also I think it would be better if you could toggle the eyes opening and closing, but if they are closed you would be disabled in some way (like you couldn’t attack or you walk slower) and also bigger levels so you can more easily lose your opponent. overall I like the idea and it was fun to play, we played for awhile and if it was a little easier to play I think we would have played longer.

Thanks for the great game.

It’s an interesting concept, sadly I don’t have anyone to play it with. :slight_smile:
I liked the design and the ninjas look really great.

Just some solo attempt gameplay :slight_smile:

Man, this feels like it has some real potential to it, and that we’ve only licked the cookie dough! The art, animation and game concept are very nifty. Controls are a little unintuitive to me, and you can hold down attack to make a shield of death in front of you. But on the whole, I think it’s solid.

@@qubodup glad you liked it , ye i think if i work on it a bit more with a coder it could be relay cool, might switch over to unity so i can publish to ouya though. And ye the controlled were all basically place holder then it became more complicated so i didint bother changing it. I play with xpadder any way so can remap to controllers.
Im gona try to play all the other games today or tomorrow and then get my vote in :smiley: well done every one, the quality bar has been raised this challenge!