BGMC 16 | Stealthy Thief

I’m starting to work on the game for the BGMC 16

The working title of my game is “Stealthy Thief”. The protagonist must pass through the house without being noticed by tenants, the police and the security cameras and drag out as much stuff, as it is possible.

The idea for the game came from the old game The Sting!

I made git repository of this work on

Very cute mice :slight_smile: Looking forward to being able to steal all the things!

This one looks nice!:slight_smile:

Today I improve enemy algorithm and created main character of the game

Yeah, that character looks really cool

Created few items to diversify characters.
Hat, or mask, that is the question.

Few characters for my game

Looking good! Will you be able to choose what your character wears?

No, your character will be thief in the hat. I will throw away version with the mask. All other characters are your enemies. They live and work around place, where you must steal. If they spot you, the game will be over.

There you can see new character - lady:

And I start to work on dog-shrimp :slight_smile:

I love the character style!

Very interesting style indeed!
I’m curious to see how this turns out.

I see how Lord is eye-balling Maid. Lady should be keeping a closer watch on her squid-man!
If only Dog-Shrimp could talk…Dog-Shrimp knows what’s goin’ on.

Haha. This looks nice!

Finished dog-shrimp next to squid-man for size comparison

Wow your characters look really cute. Nice materials. Can’t wait to see how this turns out in the game.

Unfortunately I have not finished my game till the end of this competition. But this does not mean that I abandoned work on this game. Conversely. I have fun with this. But sleep is still sometimes necessary.
I posted a video with demonstration of the work already done:

Here you can find all files:

To be continued…

New update:
In top left corner I added information about total price and weight of stolen items. Also added a pop-up message with information about price and weight of item under the cursor. And, almost forgot, added items, that you can steal in game :slight_smile:

Well i think the competition is still going. You can still submit it, also I guess the rules won’t be too harsh with a bit of a delayed finish of the game.

If your referring to it ending today, I think you may be mistaken. Battery told me that the deadline was the end of Sunday.

Yes, I read about deadline at the end of Sunday. It is great news. My work continues.