BGMC 16 | Stealthy Thief

To keep things by the rules this time, I created this topic.

My game for the BGMC 16

Stealthy Thief
Game you can download from here:

Left mouse button - walk, open doors;
Right mouse button and mouse wheel - camera control;
Hold mouse over the object for 1 second and you can see price and weight of this object, if it can be stolen;
For unlocking doors you can use crow-bar, by clicking on it icon.

Here you can find all files:

Characters, that was made for this game, but not all of them was included in level:

And several parodies of famous paintings made ​​by my niece for this game to fill the walls, but not included in this level:

And the third parodies of one famous painting:

Yay!! I have been waiting to play this.

“The Scream” is horrible painting byitself in my opinion, this one creeps me even more. I think this one should cost a lot more than “The Scream” :wink: Very amazing game;) I actually hope that you keep work on this and make it grow with multiple levels and become one of BGE demos or even commercial game;) I wish you luck with this!

Hello All,

Its a pleasure to post my first comment in blender forum, game looks pretty good and funny… I also have developed a game in blender, please check “maddy a game developed with blender” in you tube … I cant post a link here since its my first activity in this forum. In fact all of you helped me to make that game possible, I always learnt from blender forum, Especially the user HG1, he solved many of m issues. Thankyou all. Please have a look at the game and comment.


“I am winner”, hooray!
Very neat little game, it looks great and plays well.

Tragic that the paintings weren’t included, and music would have really livened it up.
Also needs more levels! Like Adrian said, keep working on this, has lots of potential!

I don’t see it in the voting options. Did you finish it late? :open_mouth:

I finished this game in time, but I did not made this page in “Finished game” section of forum, that is why my game is not in voting list.
But, according to @battery, “Ok, unless there are any major objections I’ll be resetting the vote tomorrow”. And tomorrow will be new voting

It didn’t take long to realize you were using a lot of node materials (which my computer just cannot handle 99% of the time), but even after going through and changing all the materials to normal I still get no more than about 1.5 FPS, unless I run it in wireframe mode.
I honestly can’t say why it’s running so slow though. Everything looks very well-made, nothing is too high-poly, there isn’t a whole lot in the scene (from what I can see). Is there some DoF script or something running somewhere in there that I didn’t spot?

Nines, what does it mean? My GT 610 gives stable 60 FPS in 1080p fullscreen!

Proprietary vs Open-Source drivers?

I don’t expect this game to run well (10-20 fps could at least be explained), but 1 fps is a head-scratcher. As soon as I begin moving, it drops to 0.5 - 0.8 fps!

Even stranger (but may explain things) is that the very first frame of the game, the FPS reads out at something like 10000000 fps…

I have seen something like that. However, usually OpenGL does opposite and shows first frame as something like 10 FPS and next ones as 60 FPS. What card you got? AMD could explain this!

@Nines, I will optimize the game. My main computer is MSI GT70 2PC laptop with i7 4710MQ and Nvidia GTX 880m. It’s hard to do something that this laptop can not handle.

But I have also old laptop with internal ATI Radeon 4200hd and Open-Source Video Driver. This laptop can not handle my game, as yours.

I plan to create a texture atlas and remove nodes from the materials. And in the scene there will be only 2-3 materials, the material of the characters and all the rest. Also I plan to simplify the physical model of the walls, and simplify scripts and game logic.
I hope that after all optimizations this game will by playable on your computer.

I enjoyed it, although I kinda wished that the red box in the safe was a ruby, just because. An excellent job, I look forward to see more of it!