BGMC 17 | Discrete Fishing

Hopefully I will have enough time to complete this game.
The game will be 2d, with the main objective being get the hook as far down as possible!
On the way down (into the ocean) you will have to dodge fish and other obstacles. If one latches on, you will reel it in along with anything in the way.
You can then (if I have enough time) buy upgrades from the store with the money from your catch.

Best of luck to anyone else joining in! I’m not sure how updated I will be able to keep this thread :D.

Good luck in the development of this game!!

I have seen games like this (I think if I’m reading your post correctly) and all of them are fun, I am excited to see this game.

Sounds fun! Looks like I am not the only one to fish:) Good luck!

Thanks for all the feedback :D!

I didn’t have that much time but I did what I could. Here are some screenshots:

Cool - a hand drawn game means you’re not lazy at all as hand drawing requires patience and work on it to get good results;)

Cool, I like the cell phone type layout, are you going to run it in windowed mode or full screen?

Thanks, yeah hand drawn textures take a while but are usually worth the work.

Most likely windowed, however I guess full screen could also be an option. Since the player is only travelling up or down, doing this will save me having to fill the rest of the screen with extra “stuff”.

I haven’t had much time to spend yet but should hopefully finish this weekend. In the meantime here are some assets (with simple AI).

i first thought the name is unarmed fishing and thought : well no handguns than and no c4 explosives.

but i really like the concept. good luck.

Unramed fishing - fishign without rifle, knife, rod, hook, west, boots, arms(because unarmed = something without arms, or was it armory?), harpoon etc… Basicly - fishing with your mouth:)

Nice assets!:wink:

Thanks, I hadn’t really come up with a name so I just left it as ‘unnamed’, I have updated the title though.

Sounds interesting, but as mentioned I just didn’t have a name for it at the time (updated).
This game will have normal fishing with a hook.

will you add the easter egg mentioned?:smiley:

Yep definitely, it might be very…discrete