BGMC 17 - Labyrinth of death

So today iam starded. Now i have 6 Days, so i dont try a big adventure-game, i try to create a one level “labyrinth” game.
Everywhere water flows in it, so you must pass bevor you died…


  • add a first person look
  • add a random “labyrinth-generator”
  • add some textures
  • add water on the ground
  • add somelights with flair

Sounds like a good idea.
Walmaster came 3rd before with a 3 day game, so don’t worry about only having 6 days, it’s still possible to make a great game…
Good luck!

So here update #2

  • edith water with script from Martin Uptis
  • change walltextures
  • beginning to add falling water
  • create an end point to win the Game

update #2

update #3

  • add falling water
  • add windows on the top
  • add “try again”-menue

To do:

  • add main menue
  • maby crocodiles that you must kill
  • add boxes and some stuff

Nice graphics man, keep up the good work :smiley:

I have a nice “walking through shallow water” track that I won’t be able to use. It looks like it may work for your game, would you like it? I recorded it in my flooded basement XD