BGMC 17 | Scorched

The worlds water supplies have dropped radically and now it is next to impossible to survive - your goal is to find water or fight gangs, the military or wanderers for their water.

This is my game idea, I have started a little.
today I will spend time getting mechanics set up:

water gauge (set up how long water will last)
I’m sure other stuff.

Good luck everyone… I sure hope it started today or I will feel dumb


good luck (:

Good luck! It sounds like a good concept.
Your games get better each time you enter the contest, so I’m looking forward to what you come up with this time.

The gameplay idea sounds good. And sounds very easy to make logic(I have set quite high target for my game if I want the fishing process to feel natural - not sure if I can do it). I guess you can make logic in 2 days and than put your time on graphics. I hope that you achieve your target and finish this game in time and get what you want it to look!:slight_smile:
I am already now interested in playtesting this!

Thanks for all the support, I hope my computer lasts to finish it.
I have some basic mechanics set up.
I was at first planning having each enemy drop water when killed, but now I may add a stealth feel to the game, so you can either kill the defender or sneak up to their water (probably killing them anyways).

Question: should each enemy require water and slowly lose health as they go also?

A few updates… You can die

Death scene (camera falls to ground)

clouds (but no rain, I will lighten them)

basic look

Most mechanics are setup

Character can move fight (or at least move knife) blender mouse look (which isn’t very smooth??)
Water draining until death.

I will work more tomorrow (maybe more today).

Good luck everyone


Good luck!, it looks like an interesting game.

I finished a little more
Here is an enemy health bar and water jug

I plan on two more enemies- Military and gangs

and two other ways to get water- barrels and oasis (both which hold more water but are harder to retrieve)

Thanks for the support


Looking good so far. Will you add some textures to color the ground etc.?

Enemy obiouvsly needs kinda model, otherwise he looks a bit odd. The bucket looks nice. It appears your game is moving on flat shaded lowpoly style. I like it actually, but it needs a good artist to make it look good. I hope you can achieve it;)

I haven’t done anything today yet… but I wanted to mention that the ground has a texture

it’s a pretty bad texture and picture- I plan on a more detailed sandy look (most of my pictures so very specific parts that I want to show)

I will also spend some time creating an enemy model the box is just a placeholder currently.

Thanks for the comments.


I spent some more time working today.

does this look like a good model for the character?

I did replace the ground texture with one that was higher quality (I used the original low quality one for the cloak)

I will create some buildings, and eventually I will create the other enemies with the time I have (the military caravan will be the hardest to make)

Thanks for all comments and the support


I like the little hooded dude with the knife!
Although it instantly conjures up the Dink song from Spaceballs :wink:

The mix of swords and plastic milk jugs makes a nice punky clash.

I spent some time on buildings and trucks

Hides treasure (water) and enemies

Military truck (unlimited water if escort(escort isn’t created yet, and will be next to impossible to kill) is killed and truck is stopped, good idea for stealing water from)

Thanks for support and comments- I am happy with the progress of the game, but this week I am very busy, so hopefully I find time to add more things.


P.s. does anyone know how to make a minute/second counter… There is dynamic text online but I would like a better looking timer, for scoring purposes.

How does the proportions and style of my most recent character look?

Any comments would be helpful, because I am terrible at creating humans


It looks great, one thing to think about when designing humans, or anything for that matter is there are very few 90 degree angles in life.

Do a google search on “rigging pose” and you’ll find very few professionals actually use the traditional t-pose, that’s because it doesn’t create dynamic, interesting and “alive” characters.

When you rig a character starting with a more relaxed and natural pose, you get much better results.

Compare the two characters above.
Having no acute or right angles in the skeleton stops the character looking too rigid. it helps the rig to flow more naturally when animating too. Just make sure the legs are slightly bent, same with the arms. The back should arch, but not too much. The head should be tilted forward very slightly.

An extra benefit of this pose is that it’s easier to get the length of the arms right. Stand in the same pose yourself and notice that your finger tips fall to just about level with the bottom.

The most important thing though is to use good reference drawings, google “male orthographic reference” to get some good front and side views of a person (beware, you might get some naked people, artists often use life models to get the best reference images, so don’t do it when your mom is in the room!). You can then use blender’s excellent background image function to put the image behind where you are making your character. This makes modeling easy.

My final advice is that you shouldn’t feel that you are “terrible” at making humans. It’s all just a matter of practice. Make one human model and it’ll look terrible, but keep making them for a few years and you’ll be making ones much better than me! :smiley: For people who want to specialize as modelers or riggers or texture artists or whatever, they make thousands of practice pieces over years and years, just focusing on a single area of expertise. For the rest of us we have to try again and again, all parts, from modeling through rigging and texturing. It’s pretty draining, but it’s really the only way to get better at it.

The world is set up, I still need a timer… I may add a day system, i.e. last this long and wake up with water replenished and different enemies (placements).


Military caravan (i’m planning on more trucks and vehicles)

City with a couple tents

Thanks for the help and the comments- I think the game is coming along well- I will post the soldier soonish.


I found a timer online- and

and here is a picture of the soldier

Thanks for all the help and support


Hi! I really like the way your game progress(all thoose trucks and troops, the idea is nice), however - during gameplay it may get a bit boring and even difficult if everything is in similar color(the yellow one). You may want to add a bit more green and blue tones to scene at some speciffic points like trucks, troops, items etc. Maybe paint the tents military green. Make more contrast of colors to make it look more interesting and higher quality:)

Sure I can fix that, textures are easily replaceable, thanks for the idea.