BGMC 17 theme vote.

Hi, the next Blender game making challenge is coming soon and it’s time to choose a theme.
A separate thread will deal with the issue of dates.

I’ve take some of the suggestions from the discussion thread, I hope you can find something you like. Some I’ve left out because they are gameplay styles rather than themes (like point and click).

I’ve enabled multiple choice, so please vote for your top 2 favorites.

These are some really solid themes, I’ll be excited no matter what :smiley:

Not too crazy 'bout the Puppet Master theme; only thing that pops into my head when hearing the words ‘puppet master’ is a Marionette. The Mini games option also sound like it’d be a lot of work.

Glad to see Water got picked as a potential theme. I proposed “Nautical themed”, but hey - same thing!
Also wouldn’t mind giving ‘non-violent’ a shot, lot of possibilities with that one.

That being said, I voted for these two ^

I won’t enter, but i made a vote towards non-violent.

Can you guys even make this sort of games? :smiley:

I voted water because I wanna make fishing game:D Yeah - fishing game won’t fit in non-violent as fish are caught and killed there. Um… I want fish so I want the water theme…

You remember these plastic fishes with magnets?

Well, I guess yes…:smiley:

I go with Pupper Master and Water. Both of those sound like they’ll produce interesting results :slight_smile:

Yay! Thank you - water takes lead:D

My two favourites in the lead ooh boy happy days

if it will be non-violent water game, I will have to keep fish alive after being fished and I can’t use hook - aww…

Can we go deeper into what “Non-violent” means? is it absence of harm as a complete idea? Or is it just a game that doesn’t revolve around killing people or getting killed? Because I would argue that catching a fish with a hook is not violent at all, But being a shark trying to eat fish could be. Can we just clarify?:confused:

I, personally, think that fishing is not violent. But others, especially when seeing that fish gets sliced with knife after catching it and sometimes fishe’s mandible gets severd with hook if fish baits it too deep, they may think it is quite violent thing:D

‘violence’ is too subjective to really boil it down to ‘what is violence’ and what isn’t.
It is all about how you present it in your game.
If your fishing game features all the ‘blood n guts’ that comes with fishing, that could be considered violence.
If your fishing is just catching/releasing fish, I don’t see how many would consider that to be violent.

Plenty of games (media for that matter) is full to the brim with violent acts, but aren’t considered violence.

Perhaps your ‘non-violence’ themed game is one where the object of the game is to mitigate/avoid violent conflict, rather than just avoiding violent content. Maybe you play as a diplomat trying to talk two countries that are butting heads from going to war with each other, or something like that.

Can Non-violent be refered to anything that doesn’t need age restrictions(or max it to PEGI 3)?

I also want to sort out the definition of non-violent. In the game Dear Esther for example, 100% of the gameplay is walking around an island. Nothing else, not even puzzles. But… It has a violent backstory that is reveled via monologues, so would it be considered violent?

You don’t have to kill the fish. You can catch and release. But a hook in the mouth might be considered violent, by some. :slight_smile:

But if you don’t kill it - what will you have in dinner?:frowning:

OK, well, it looks like it’s going to be “water” anyway, but feel free to make it non-violent if you want. :slight_smile:

During this week I’ll write up an announcement post for the competition, which will be held next week with the theme of water.
I’ll include some ideas and inspiration as well as a run down on the rules.

For voting I kind of liked the public vote of last time, especially where it went to three rounds…
I also thought about having a multiple choice poll, like this one, where you can vote for your top 3 favorites. That should spread some of the votes around a bit compared to previously where some people didn’t get any votes at all, despite making really great games.

I’m happy with the poll result, I like water the most :).

Next week? The thread about the date says that the contest will begin at Saturday, isn’t it?

Anyway, I hope everyone can make some fun games and I hope I can participate for the first time :wink: