=BGMC 17= WiggleFish


THIS MUST BE PLAYED IN THE STANDALONE PLAYER. Fullscreen is recommended. The game was made for 640x480, but should work fine in any other resolution.

This was made in about 3 days. I had to put it down about halfway through the week and never had a chance to add any more to it. So here you go.

The soundtrack originated from this midi from the SNES game Equinox. Although I added a bit to the composition, I take no credit for the music.

All graphics that don’t look like they were doodled in MS Paint were found from various places on the web. I take credit for none of it.

-Wiggle, nudge and flick the mouse to get your critter swimming.
-Use the LMB to chomp down with your claws (useful for propelling away from walls)

-None. Swim around and make bubbles, until you run out of energy and can’t swim anymore.

Sad that you couldn’t include enemy ai anymore. This game has a lot of potential, would be cool if you’d continue it :smiley:

Great idea!!, I enjoyed the bubbles:D

Cool, glad you managed to submit something.
I was waiting for the last entries to be submitted, I’ll put them all in a pack for voting tomorrow.