BGMC 18 | Planet of the Cubes

Heavily inspired by Halo and Mass Effect, Planet of the Cubes is a Sci Fi FPS set in a fictional galaxy far, far away.

Plot summary: As you enter the artificial orbit of an unknown, crater-sized, Cube-Shaped Planet, your space vessel is boarded by Alien Creatures. As generic space soldier, you must repel the attack and conquer the planet.

What little textures are present are hand-drawn in Gimp and Paint.

Gameplay mechanics are finished for the most part, (needs a bit more polish here and there) so all that remains is a level. Hoping to make it rather large, possibly with some dialogue and a backstory of sorts.

Also won’t be posting videos cause the choppy framerate and low quality of bandicam won’t do it justice…

Good luck to everyone!

EDIT: Just occurred to me, may not seem evident but the gravity aspect is the low gravity setting (space) - and the jetpack required to clear gaps or just float around

RandomPicke, any progress so far?

Yep, but so far nothing worth updating with. Been working on the map over the past couple days, not really anything to show…

Hoping I manage to finish, just realized how little time is left

Same for me, I even haven’t added enemies yet, but clock is ticking already. I didn’t have time to work for 3 days(Sunday, Monday and Tuesady). This week was worth for me of all in this year for this contest. If it would be next week - school holiday which means spare time.

Finally something worth showing; enemies with health bars, death animations and incredibly basic AI.
Also got more done in the past 2 hours than every other day combined - don’t count me out just yet! At this rate I’ll have something complete by Saturday.

Made significant progress today:

-Space vessel map complete
-Somewhat functional enemy AI with running, idle and death animation
-Majority of music and sound effects
-Balanced the amount of bullets it takes to kill enemies
-Added Ammo Crates and Health Packs
-Escape Pod that brings you down to the planet.

Also pqftgs made some rather nice space dogfighting in the background, so thanks for that! :]

Rather proud of what I have so far, gonna leave you blind until Saturday - so no more updates til then.
Good luck to all, in the final stretch!