BGMC 18 - Shadow

After countless hours developing, Its finally finished, Hope it works :smiley:

level 1 - get past guard bots, get to portal
level 2 - collect all power cubes, get to portal
level 3 - connect all power cubes to the Chip

I hope this game is fun (and that is can be played xD)

My YouTube channel -
Music by Alasdair Cooper
sound effects licensed under CC0(except for lava SFX, attribution in credits)



You should add some pictures or gameplay!

OK will do :smiley:

I am currently uploading Game-play footage for anyone who is stuck, However, I did find a pretty serious bug while playing the game, and I have NO IDEA how I missed it on Sunday, but I do apologize for it, It doesnโ€™t ruin the game-play, but it is a bug with the menu at the end, Easily fixable, so (If by some miracle you actually love the game and want it fixed, let me know and I will fix it :slight_smile: Other than that, I hope the game provides at least some sort of entertainment. :wink: