BGMC 19 | Life in Darkness

I am planning on a stealth game, I have found these pretty fun in the past to make. It is going to be set in a city

It will look something like this (though this was an old game I was working on so it will have some differences, I will change everything this is just the general idea)

This game will probably be set in England during the 1800’s and the main character will have to run around stealing money for his father to keep him out of debtors prison, it will be a game in black and white similar to the picture above.

Other than that I don’t have much- and this first week is crazy. So expect a couple updates this week and then next week I should have a lot more time.


Looking good so far, keep it up :smiley:

Looking good, sounds like a great concept, but doubtful if you can finish that within a week/two weeks?

First update- Basic house

I still have some more stuff to add like windows, trimming, and other house stuff.

I hope the basics look ok.

Thanks for the support

The house has more amenities now- I still have more to add, any suggestions for junk to lie around a 1800’s house would be welcome- I just realized that the curtains shouldn’t be red I will remedy that soon.

Here is what I hope the general effect is:

Btw I got bump maps from

Looks like your making good progress! Keep up the good work!

Added another house

Still slow going but soon I will have more time

Here is the city- this has no shading or anything on it right now so you can see it

I will work with the city a little more (gates and lamps) Then I will start making assets for random objects and then valuables to steal.

Best of luck to everyone else


Looks good! Is there z fighting on the house though?

Everything looks fine when it’s in textured mode- I was just showing an overview I couldn’t get without major tweaking.

Just some pictures.

I added a timer- for when the sun has risen too much to remain hidden in darkness, I also have a policeman patrolling and a couple in front of the big houses.

I will soon add a money counter- and treasures. and then after I have the basics set up I will start adding other stuff like tables and beds and other house things

My game was coming along great until I ran into an issue- I can’t figure out what is wrong. You start out with two “health bar things” one which describes time till daylight (in which you lose) and one which describes treasure (and when it reaches zero you win) currently I have a set up where you lose treasure points based on how much you collect, the problem is that as soon as you collect treasure it brings you to the YOU WIN screen.

Here is a .blend

This is breaking my game so help would be really nice (plus I just realized I don’t have time to work tomorrow because I’m traveling- so i’m in a rush)

Thanks for any help


edit: controls
left mouse button to interact (with doors and treasure) -some doors require you to hold the mouse button in till they open- but currently houses are empty and I scattered the treasure on the road
finally- watch out for cops they will restart the level.

Figured out my issue I used “assign property” instead of “add”

Great progress on your game…keep up!!..glad you solved the issue:)

I’m basically finished- I will release one for testing tomorrow. Here is the final update- house interior.

every house is different.

tomorrow on the test release I’ll give all of the controls and other stuff.

I’m sure we have all been there. So so annoying when you figure it out! :smiley: I hate it when this happens!

What is frustrating is I have already had this problem in prior games, and figured it out. I just got confused.

Here is a demo. I will maybe add music and a menu before the end of the contest.

WASD- move
Mouselook- obvious
leftmouse button- interact with doors, gates, treasure etc. (some doors take time to open, be patient)

Avoid cops and sleeping people- I can’t guarantee that everything is easy (or possible) to steal.

Top bar is timer till morning (you lose if you run out)
Bottom bar is is treasure collector (you win if you run out)

Any questions just ask