BGMC 21 | Basement Dweller

Top-down adventure about a dude living in his mom’s basement.

Challenges may include:
-Dumping the trash
-Fixing the printer
-Buying cigarettes

It’ll be something different, that’s for sure.

Day 1
Answered the big questions and started working on assets.

Day 2
Working on rooms

Day 3
'Merica day. Blew up some shit. Ate too much food. No progress on the game.

Day 4
Made the player controls

Day 5 - 6
Did nothing

Day 7
Loads of progress, but still needs more work.
Definitely ignored the project for 3 days this week. Thank the gods for the 9 day policy…

Day 8
Game is finished but I’m running into some bugs on Windows.
Edit: Fixed it

Finished thread here:

Sounds great :D! Some subtle sarcasm in the game from the character could work well.

Haha, this game sounds hilarious. :smiley:
The idea of having a basement dweller simulator is most intriguing indeed. :wink: