BGMC 21 | Below the surface: Метрополитен

What is this game, you may be asking yourself?
It’s a very short horror game that takes place in the Russian Metro system. You fight mutated monsters and must reach the surface.



Thanks for playing! Learnt a lot this BGMC, and though I wasted a bit too much time this past week and didn’t get to include everything I had wanted, I’m still pretty proud of it! That being said - it’s not very polished, so hopefully you get some enjoyment out of it!

Very scary! The sounds really brings the monsters to life.
I didn’t find any bugs yet, though I expected a gameover scene rather than just the game quitting directly.
It’s also very very dark on my computer. I couldn’t see much of anything.
Maybe turn up the key lighting a little but leave the ambient lighting very low? Then I can see what I’m looking at but still have the feeling of being in the dark. Adding black mist to a scene is a good way to keep the distant areas dark but allow the near areas to be lit up a little more.

Completely forgot about the game over sceen… and had a feeling the game was a bit too dark.

The mist trick sounds useful, next time!
Thanks for playing

EDIT: Oh yeah, there’s a Suzanne hidden in there somewhere. Shouldn’t be too hard to find

Wow, man, that’s a pretty intense level. Really scary. Well done!

You have a good atmosphere created.
But yes it was hard to see anything in some places. But i know its not easy tune the light if you want to play with the dark. This is something i had also to fight with in my last BGMC entry.
Also it was very hard, way to less ammo (or am i so bad at shooting or missed i any ammo packs in the dark?). I managed it somehow to get pass the enemys only by fast running.

Here comes a video review on Below the Surface:

Neat review, would like to see more of these.