BGMC 21 discussion thread.

It’s been a while since the BGMC 20, I’ve been very busy so I didn’t have time to organize a new one.
But I guess we should do another one soon, I’m getting an itch for a short project.

So here’s the discussion thread to talk about possible themes and dates.

Which week of this or next month would be suitable for you guys to join a game making jam?
What theme would you like to explore?

I’m up for a new challenge, and no time is good for my schedule- so choose any time. I hope I can be a part of this one, I’ve been looking for something fun to do.

My two ideas so far for themes are beat 'em ups (hasn’t been chosen yet, despite being suggested 3 times) or racing game.

Or, top-down RPG. That’s something that would be cool, but I don’t know how much people would be able to put in to it in just a week.
I guess a lot if they don’t get over ambitious.

How about some more generic theme like “Follow the light”?
(This could also be the backlight of a car ;))

Creating a beat em’ Up would be so hard. Just imagine the AI and how the struggle with making a fun combat-system. Alright, that would be a bit fun. A great challenge.

The new Zelda is Open World. Open world? Fingers itching.

Some different topics I came up with: exploration, build-stuff-game, puzzle, racing, boating, driving

how about mythbusters. you have to find an episode of the mythbusters and make a game out of a topic of the show. there are allways lots of explosions, weird vehicles and ninjas. i think there is enough stuff. just an idea.

Myth sounds good. It could be myths and legends or urban myths, or myth busting.

I’m tempted by the idea of “physics”. See what’s the coolest game people can come up with that uses the built in physics engine.

Racing could be fun. I would love to participate, but Im gonna be away until next Saturday.

Top down RPG sounds fun, mine wouldn’t be to in depth but I would be interested to see what people would come up with

Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. 2D 3D - using either 2D to make a 3D world, or using 3D to make a 2D world. Games like FEZ, paper mario, etc. come into mind
  2. Lines - games that only use wireframes/lines
  3. Reflection
  4. Schizophrenia - controlling two characters simultaneously.

They’re kind of general, but I think that some really cool ideas could come from some of them.

Best days for me would be from the 26th onward.

+1 for physics :slight_smile:

time travel/manipulation…or physics for me…ima gonna do this one…and for this month if possible…theres a holiday coming up in a couple of weeks and some poeple will be busy

My ideas for theme:
-Machines (very wide variety of options)
-Conspiracies (about government and buisnesmen major lies)
-PS1 (games with the graphics and physics level of PS1)
-Underground (propably about something under ground)

I hope that you can use them.

Ooh, I could do underground…

I would like to suggest the theme [DEMASTERED]
Since a lot of games are being remastered this year it would be fun to demaster a game. Maybe pick your favorite game and show us why that game is great.

That sounds fun. But I haven’t played a new game since about 2005. :slight_smile:

Some of these themes sound great:
I think either “building”, “puzzle”, “arcade”, “future” or “story”.
Story really helps immersion for me, I thought the BGMC 17 a walk for water did this very well

I like the idea of underground…

I also like physics,

hey everyone, I was wondering: is it allowed to use assets from blend swap in the BGMC? (of course with proper credit being given and all)
as for the topic, I like machines, conspiracies, myths and underground the most.