bgmc 21 Grave Robber

Hi everyone , dono how much of this il get done only starting now but its gona be a game about digging up bodies in a graveyard whilst avoiding the guard. Think itl just be a money/points based game. Did think about making it like papers please where u have to see how long you can go without your family starving each day but sounds to complicated, mabie in the future. Art style is gonna be pen and ink sketchy with a lot of darkness and lightning claps.Screenshots soon.

Awesome, sounds great :smiley:
Looking forward to this!

heres a quick irst character, got him walking and digging too

Iv added some simple shading and animations , got a random grave spawner working , and number of digs to open grave. :smiley: getting there slowly.
Heres a gif of the game so far, can dig up graves and get money for it.
Also realised that my time was running low so borrowed some gravestone meshes and texture from a previous project , link here:

This - oh this. I was hoping someone would do a grave robbing game. +1

Im having trouble with nav mesh
heres the blend file: want the guy with the lamp to track to a cube that im gona move around to make him patroll but with path finding it dose not work. I tryed a sinple scene in another file and it worked anything im missing in this one ?

Final game is here:

I think i fixed the nav mesh thing , i made the guy a character contoller and re generated the nav mesh a few times , he still dose some weird stuff at some points in the map but its better than nothing. First tiem playing with nav mesh and using python to generate the gravestones randomly.