BGMC 21 | Lost in the Cave

Placeholder, here is concept art

I can’t wait to start

Cool, is it going to be a side scrolling game? I haven’t seen one of those from you yet.

I have not attempted side scrolling, and have no idea where to start maybe sometime- but I do have a plan set in place.

Here is the main character (so far)

is this a third person game?

Yep it is. Monday I won’t have internet, just to say.

I have some plans, where you can use the shovel, the knife, and the pickaxe to solve puzzles- thats what I am going to work on next.

I.e. dig holes with shovel, clear obstructions with the pick axe and cutting ropes to lower mine equipment in places (like a bridge to cover a water way.

(The newest model has the shovel and the knife included)

I’m working on all of the logic, but here is an updated look at his pack (I know he has two shovels right now).

after some issues (including me needing to learn python) I decided it is best to just have a multitool… setting up all the properties is a mess.

Here is the multitool- at the touch of a button you can change it from a pickaxe to a shovel to a knife.

Here is the basic cave (I am going to work on textures more)
Next I am going to work on contraptions- I am thinking about a lot of puzzle levels, where you dig, mine and use mining equipment to get to the end.

Here is the new and improved cave. Just wanted to mention I currently am using the Martinish water shader.

I planned to make all of the puzzle pieces (like obstacles, mining equipment, etc) all just with materials, so that they are more easily noticeable.

Will you add lanterns in the caves?
Also the walls seem a bit too ‘plasticy’ because of the high specularity, maybe a spec map or just turning down the specularity might help.
Great work with the character model!

Lanterns sound like a great idea (or maybe glowing crystal- just though of that)- because I want a more friendly environment. and thanks for pointing out the high specularity, I made the cave late at night and forgot to lower it.

Here is what I’m thinking- though I need more environment, like rocks and stalagmites, etc.

Here is my final update, I literally have no time to work on my game, but here is a picture- And I may post the what I have tomorrow.

Hi Fredstash, did you finish?
I’ll be putting up the all games pack in a coupe of days, so if you have a game by then please post it so I can include it in the pack. :slight_smile:

Making one in finished projects, its not done nearly at all

Here is the finished thread