BGMC 21 | Sewer Simulator


My entry for the 21st BGMC is “Pipe-Pipe”

As the name suggests, it’s a sewerage simulator. You connect pipes to fix the sewerage.The objective is to connect pipes in order to guide the “polluted” sewer water to the treatment station to prevent it from touching clean water. If you pollute clean water, it’s Game Over.

It’s a puzzle game inspired by Polybridge and by this:
The perspective will be 2D or Orthographic. I will decide based on the difficulty (i’m not a designer).
Also, you will have a time limit until the polluted water starts flowing through the pipes, so hurry up !

Hey I used to play these games all the time, can’t wait to play your version.

Wow it has been a long time since I’ve played that game. Keen to play your version.

^What they said. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Duplicate… Glitchy website

Duplicate… Glitchy website

First update!
The pipe-placement system is almost done!

Wow. This looks very great. Good luck!:slight_smile:

Hey, i’m streaming the development at! Come watch!

It looks like you are using some sort of collision detection to do the snapping. I would highly advise that instead, you use an internal representation of the map. Something like a list of lists, with each entry being the type of pipe, or even a reference to the pipe object. This will probably make your life a lot easier later on, when you try to figure out where the fluid is flowing and how long it will take.

@sdfgeoff Thanks! It is indeed easier :smiley:
Here’s what I did: Instead of objects, i use Matrices now. Each pipe is a 3x3 matrix and there’s the main matrix which can be of any size.
I made my own Matrix type which supports fast blitting and rotation.
The cells are colored based on the main matrix.

Update: Simple GUI, Zoom, Pan and fancy pipes =)

Slowly starting to work. The water now flows through the pipes very nicely:

Now I know where to use a flood-fill algorithm :slight_smile:
Update: Water flowing through pipes :smiley:

Cool, i like it.

Thanks @Akira_San
Day4 progress:

  • Sky background with day/night cycle
  • New GUI
  • New Font

The GUI looks very professional! Awesome work so far, can’t wait to see the finished product. :smiley:

Awesome work. Brings back memories of those games like the Incredible Machine. Can’t wait to play.

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@LordoftheChings, MrPutuLips
Thanks! :smiley: