BGMC 21 | The forbidden relic

I’m not sure how much progress I can get around to posting but I’ll see how it goes.

Gameplay: Temple run + subway surfers + mineshafts + explosions, destruction and a little bit of humour. (randomly generated 3 lane running game)

Going to try meet the 12MB limit, best of luck to everyone else!

Can’t wait to see your game, and thank you so much for all the tutorials you have made.
I would not be in this contest if it wasn’t for you teaching me most of what i know in the
bge, so thanks again.:yes:

Will there be a minigame where you’re running away from giant Suzanne that destroys everything right behind you?:smiley:

Thanks :smiley: Glad you found them useful! its great to hear that people like them.
Looking forward to seeing your finished entry as well :slight_smile:

Hmm I think this will give Blender users too many nightmares, but Suzanne will be present in the game somewhere :wink:
I’m planning my own twist for what is actually chasing the character :smiley:

Yes, that’d definetly be like that:D

Some assets, all done with 128x128 or less textures, still need to optimize.

Looking good.

Cool! An infinite runner game would be a great candidate for showing off how you can make a small amount of assets go a long way.
That’s one of the reasons I suggested the size limit for the entries. I hope it will open people’s minds to the possibilities of using procedural generation.

The art looks great so far! Looking forward to seeing some action! :slight_smile:

Thanks :D, your game is also coming along nicely!

I agree! but also some clever design can go a long way in terms of storage. I think this limitation is good as its something not many people factor in when publishing a game. I haven’t fully been able to get my head around full procedural generation yet, if at all, but I think I should be able to get a ‘beginner’ procedural generation method working.

rail section, done with 256x256 diffuse + normal and 128x128 specular.
rail is actually mirrored through the middle which allows for more detailed textures.

Stop bumper thing:

What I got working so far:

And some animated textures:

The add alpha type is the holy grail of ‘randomly’ generated explosions.

So I had an attempt with character expressions… its something

Neat! Cool models you got here, I just didn’t like how perfectly squared that cave is

I like how the dude is covered in dirt, and I never tried this expression thing, good luck :wink: