BGMC 21 | The Shadows

here is the blend

the only asset i had already made was the shadow guys, but no animations and i edited them a little.

tell me what you think

Very nice. I like the way you start by falling down a hole. Nice little cut scene style animation there.
Is there a way to kill the shadows?

Shadow boss killed me, tried jumping on the rocks but no joy.
Saw the Easter Egg.

No bugs found so far.

thank you for your interest, you should just be able to shine the light at them and they die.
is it not working?

Beat it my first try!
Shadow boss was intense, and though the framerate dipped due to all of it’s minions on screen at once, I was victorious!

Also found the easter egg on my second playthrough, very clever :wink:

Nice job! I was worried that nobody would be able to finish it.

Nice idea to kill the shadow with the flashlight.

Thanks you!