BGMC 21 | The Underground (Velvet )

Six days to make a game? What a joke!
Couldn’t make one in 6 years, so…
Anyway, here’s the …concept:
One wants to play some rock music, most probably ended in the Underground club.
A little picture:

big update!
Now a logo exists:

I’m completely out of time (what a surprise!)…so, I’m out for the contest.
At least, I get used to current Blender GE!

Oh well, it looks great!
Maybe next time.

It took me a couple of tries before I got the hang of stuffing a whole game in to 7 days.
The trick is to have a minimum workable idea and then stuff extra things in if you find yourself with extra time.

Thank you!

The game engine could be tricky…keeping properties values across different scenes took me two days of searching/testing!
And still not working!

Hello again,
some progression was made, now we’ve some kind of stage: