BGMC 22 All 30, Snowflakes by Joshua Jay

If that doesn’t work then you will have to use This or the other for Easy / Hard Game Mode

Easy Game Mode
Hard Game Mode

Caution This game runs at a constant speed of 160 FPS

I was able to get 800+ fps on my Low-end 10 year old quadGaming Pc
but I lowed it for anyone that might have less specks then me.

All modules and animations, game logic was done by me; Joshua_Jay.
Snow-Pic and Sky-Pic used for reflection where free form
Music Name “Galactic_Voices_Combined_Remastered” By TeknoAxe website

Why is 160fps required?
With vsync enabled it’s capped at 60, but everything appears to work as normal…?

That said, I’m not sure what exactly I’m supposed to do…
Collect the all the snowflakes and deposit them in the shelf-thing?
If so… That’s a challenge too great for me, what with the huge map, slow walk speed, and the minimal visibility… :stuck_out_tongue:

You must be talking about the Hard Game mode,
the easy Game mode has no fog, Faster walking, and larger Snowflakes items to see from a long ways away.
The mission is to get 30.
The object in the center of the map is just a landmark so you know about where you are, and what way you are facing thanks to it’s shadow.

Hopefully the easy game mode is still fast if your blender says it’s only going 60fps rather then the 160 I set up the move speeds for. If not then you will have to change it in the tab with World / Earth Icon down where it says FPS change if from 60 if it is to 160 FPS, your players should move faster Now.

Ah, I see.

Movement speed is independent of framerate, so you needn’t worry about that.
I just tested the movement speed in the easy version with and without vsync (i.e. at 60fps and 120fps), and both times it took about 15 seconds to reach the snowflake more or less positioned directly ahead where you start.

Some layers in the hard blend file are visible meaning that snowflakes don’t get created.
If you get a fixed version out in the next few hours I’ll put it in the all-games pack.

They don’t get spawned in, so thats how the layers are for it to work.
If I had a week rather then 6 hours to make something I would have had empty’s randomly spawn with LOD items that you need for a door to open ect.