BGMC 22 | All Games Pack

Greetings everyone! Here is a link to a zip file that contains all of the BGMC 22 games. I use the most recent version in the finished games threads. I added a credits.txt which has links to all of the forum threads. If i missed any please let me know! Congratulations to all participants! And good luck!

I added a requirments.txt to a few of the games which describes what is required in order to run the game.

Downloads (191 MB):
Google Drive

This pack includes:
Every Man’s Sky:
Horsey Adventure:
All 30:
In the hidden deep:
The not so brave little pig:
A walk in the park:
Cave Miner:
Terminus North:
Game With No Name:!

2 recommendations:

  • Put each game in a folder so that there are not single blends laying around in the root directory.
  • Have a requirements file for games like mine or Cave Miner that will not work in just any Blender version.

I will be making an official version of this once I have figured out all the requirements.

Here is the official all games pack

To play all the games you need:
UPBGE 0.1.2 (Windows Linux)
Blender 2.78a (Pick your OS)
Blender 2.75 (Pick your OS)
Blender 2.72 (Pick your OS)

Congratulations to all those who managed to complete an entry.

For my game it’s just latest UPBGE version and nothing more. It should work like a charm. :wink:

I’ve updated the pack per Nicholas_A’s recommendation.

I ran into an issue, I can’t run UPBGE on my Apple computer (as far as I know).

I fixed an issue with my game (Every Man’s Sky) so if you can overwrite the previous version in the back that would be awesome, thanks.