BGMC 22: Ecclesia

Here it is, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it by the deadline…phew
Since this game is highly oriented around the story, It didn’t seem reasonable or practical to give this demo an objective: Just explore and collect Shekels(coins). The final game will have a very extensive story.
Sorry, you will have to wait to get story elements, nothing in the demo is a spoiler. :wink:

This is the Blend Version (28.9mb) (I HIGHLY recommend using Blender 2.72, other versions have cause problems for me and I’d hate for them to carry over to your experience of the game.)

If you do not have 2.72, do not want to download it, or just want the standalone experience anyhow, here is the Standalone Version (60.6mb), the standalone is what made the file 2x too big.

NOTE: When you step on the raft, it will NOT move, usless you are really close to the Mast for about 4 seconds…If somehow, the raft leaves you behind, or you step off of it, just go near the NPC’s standing on either side, the raft should come back as long as it has already reached the other side and stopped.
These Screenshots should help.

Hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you experience any problems with this game. There is SOOOO much more of this game to come. :smiley:


More Screenshots!

Here’s the gameplay walkthrough. :smiley:

Really cool game. One thing that I would improve is giving the player a little bit of direction. After getting off of the raft, i am not sure where to go.

Thanks for playing my game! BTW there is no real objective to this demo, since it is story-oriented, it didn’t seem reasonable to me to add a mission. This level is simply for exploration of all the basic things that will be in the final game. :smiley:

Adrian. I think that’s why not many people will vote for your game. A game jam isn’t just a place to show off a WIP, it’s about creating a self contained experience.
It’s like entering a short story competition with a single chapter of your novel.

Your game is great, looks and plays really well, very polished, but it’s just not that fun to play at this stage.

Pretty interesting and looks quite polished. I like the idea.
Hope you make more use of Python. We need more scripted games. Logic bricks are a pain in the ass and I can’t learn anything of it :wink:

Downloaded it played it the Camera position is bad atleast if you can try to fix that
please at least put a 3rd person camera i’ll be much better. But overally its a Game that
so much more can be added to it. the Climbing Animation needs to be a bit more refined.

i really enjoyed the Graphics the Open World is stable and plays smooth on my platform
but the camera needs to be changed we need a propper 3rd person camera.

overally its a great game man Nice work i’d give it a 6/10.



Lemme know whatcha think!

I like it!:eyebrowlift:

Thanks Nicholas_A!! I saw you BGMC 23 entry, It looks great, can’t wait to play it!

I’m still working on a name for her, I don’t want my NPC’s to be a bunch of Unknowns.

Here are some more updates and screenshots, showcasing some new features: