[BGMC 22] Every Man's Sky

I have fixed the issue on line 10.

I really like the procedural generation on this game. One thing that I would have changed is I would center the mouse. That way the ship doesn’t endlessly spin sometimes.

This game look very fun, i will try to buy it. :yes:

No need to buy the videogame it is free.Unless you really want to.

If he sells it buy it anyways! Support, the things you like and you get more things you like in the world. Why? Because if you support it, then people have a bit of extra cash, and then will be willing to spend more time on it for your enjoyment. And if you don’t support the things you like, they kinda die out, leaving you wondering where all the GOOD stuff went.

Loving the games, and tuts. From Nicholas and everyone else. Community vibe here is great.

This is awesome, but probably should be under WIP games.

its a finished game from de BGMC, he had a few days to deliver, it actually is the full game. He could maybe go further with the project, in that case will go into wip.

Thats not very nice.

Wasn’t meant to be an insult, I think it’s great. But I was assuming there were going to be more features added, bugs fixed, etc. In which case it would be WIP.