BGMC 22 | Horsey Adventure

Georgie McPorgie and his horsey Bongo are sent to deliver an incredibly important parcel to some person, somewhere far away (without directions)

Gameplay will be incredibly simple - essentially a walking simulator with some dialogue, and a large map to explore with secrets to be found.


It’s amazing to see that you still create the style of games you made 2 years ago. You must either be very successful or confident with your games :D. I love them because they’re always so simple and just plain fun! Looking forward to this project!

Lots of progress made today, the only significant progress made all week!

-Map, Music, Textures, NPCs, Animations, Death/Win Scenes

To Do:
-Add more stuff to the map to make it more… explorable

Not going to post videos/screenshots until the deadline, not really much else to see that isn’t shown in the image in post 1.

@CGSky: I’ve improved quite a bit over the years, but I still love returning to this style of visuals (Perfect for BGMCs too). Haven’t posted any of my WIPs of failed games with decent graphics, but maybe one day!

Cool! I’d really love to see one of your failed games. You should really upload something! Looking forward to your game project

I think your model of working is great, get the minimum viable game and then only add additional features once the game is completed :D.

Can I get the BGMC 22 anoncmet URL!