BGMC 22 | In the hidden deep

Ocean, the second frontier… these are the voyages of the sub F1.12 its 3 hour mission to explore strange new depths and fish, to dauntlessly go where few men have gone before.

I’m am working on an exploration game, honestly idk anything about it, I made a sub and started a cavern.


It looks great, don’t be afraid to focus on gameplay ahead of graphics though. One of my bgmc games had different color cubes instead of characters almost until the last day. You can finish with a game without graphics, but a game without gameplay isn’t half started.

My game is based solely on exploration. The main goal will be to find the elder creatures (like a giant sea turtle, or shark, or fish). I may have some dangers included in this.

I made the basic cave, I am currently working on an overlay scene with fish and bubbles floating around. I am also going to create sea ruins. here is it so far

Some bubbles being spawned at the propellers and moving upwards would be pretty neat!

If you haven’t done so already, give the water some volume by using mist. Really important to make it look underwaterish

thanks all things I have been planning, I hope to implement all of theses things (considering they are not that hard).

I spent some time adding mist, bubbles, and I set up the submarines system of movement. I hope to add schools of fish swimming around next when I have time.

thanks for all of the suggestions.

I am adding coral right now, and a ruined building

More pictures, I set up a shark AI, and some more coral.

I have set up pretty major LOD to make everything work well, and I currently still get 60 fps, so I am going to keep adding stuff to explore until that changes. (I have some inklings of ideas for some gameplay)

I found a goal for the game- Radioactive waste has been dumped in a under water cave, your goal is to explore the cave and find the radioactive waste and return it to the base.

I got the basics of the game all put together, the goal is to find the radioactive material (by exploring) and bring it back to the base (I haven’t made the base yet). I just added angler fish- speaking of fish the premise of the story is that all of the small fish have been dying because of the radiation messing up the ecosystem(the other bigger fish have survived longer, but they will die when they run out of food), so your goal is to find it and remove it so that the fish can repopulate.

Thats an angler fish just right of the submarine. The game runs at 60 fps, but at the very beginning some times it lags for a couple seconds.

I built the main base, you can bring the radioactive waste to the safety bubble, soon it will prompt you to either win the game or keep exploring.

I’m hoping to add more “big fish”, a title screen, and some more plant life.

Everything looks great so far! I look forward to playing this :slight_smile:

I look forward to playing this

Well I hope it’s fun.

the last update I have until I can work on Saturday (probably), is I added a compass that points back to the base.

Actually it wasn’t the last update until saturday, here is the title screen.

The abort button quits the game, the Release button drops the submarine and after a couple seconds the game will start (first showing instructions on how to play)

Looks great! a big improvement over your first BGMC and even better than last time.

Thanks, I am really excited for how this turned out. I can’t wait to have the finished demo released.

Here is the instructions page:

After I do some minor tweaks I will be setting up the final game on a new thread.