BGMC 22 | Little Big House

Genre: Adventure, Exploration, RPG, Third person perspective.

One sentence description

Little Big House is a third person game of a 15 year old girl who got shrunk down to 10cm! By her 10 year old brother ( a gifted young genius ) and now she has to explore her house from a completely new perspective in order to find a device to turn her back to her original height.

will be posting updates daily.

Edit: Not a bgmc 22 entry anymore sorry. Its just way too complex to complete in one week. but that doesn’t mean i’ll stop working on it though! will post updates as soon as i can

Interesting idea! I’m looking forward to this. 3rd person RGPs take the most time and effort to create though. Hope you can achieve your vision in this very short time. Good luck!

I like the concept art! 10/10

+1 for the art!

Cool idea!

  • gets popcorn and sits in thread -

Looks great!

thanks guys :smiley: . unfortunately ( as expected ) this is getting more difficult by the second. so far ive modeled like 20% of environment (which is an incomplete version of the corridor in the concept art) and 0% props. i’ve modeled textured and rigged the main character.

currently animating (maybe 10% done ) i’m pausing the animating to start setting up character control ( the most dreadful part of this entire project) hopefully i should enough asset by tomorrow to start populating the scene. feel free to make suggestions or corrections :slight_smile:

i wont be able to meet up to the deadline but i’m still gonna be working on it though. heres a small update.

This is a cycles render of the scene. this is actually the apartment i live in ;). used a measuring tape to get the dimensions and then modeled it