BGMC 23 | Accompanied in the Dark

Heavily inspired by the original Alone in the Dark,
story/dialogue is being improvised as I go on.

Player model and mechanics are complete, will have a video up later today

Story so far:
-Partners “Name1” and “Name2” overhear reports of a zombie outbreak over the radio. They are… cops or something, so they have to save people and stuff. There’ll be a twist (because a generic zombie outbreak wouldn’t make for a very compelling story) but I haven’t reached that point yet

Was a major pain in the arse to make, but here’s a video.
Apologies for the mouse cursor, wasn’t there when recording…

I don’t plan on adding textures, consumes too much time.
Have also been playing the original Resident Evil on ps1, which is why I wanted to try something in this style

Progress today:
-Main hall made, as well as a cheesy intro cutscene with equally terrible Voice Overs

Sounds good!

Looks like I bit off a little more than I could chew with this one…

Here’s my resignation form

Sad to hear, you still have 2 more days!

I guess its good to plan before hand :wink: