BGMC 23 | All Games Pack

Congrats to everyone that finished a game!
We had a total of 15 different entries :smiley:Dropbox: Download Link (may be unavailable).
Google Drive: Download Link

The download is about 734mb, but will include UPBGE for windows and Linux
If i have left out anything or made any mistakes, let me know :slight_smile:

I will try get the judging going soon.

Gallery image:

I was under the impression that dropbox downloads faster than google drive, but if necessary I can also upload to google drive if that works better.

That is a comparison of speeds of file upload websites.
Google drive does seem to be the fastest for downloading.

Downloading and playing now. :slight_smile:
Feels weird not to vote for my favorites, so maybe I’ll just post my pick of the top three games here.
I’ll be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Google drive scored 8 for downloading, whereas dropbox scored 12 (so I’m assuming dropbox is actually better, and also available in countries where google is banned).

Sounds like a good idea! Its nice to also leave feedback on the finish game threads so people know how to improve for next time.

8 is actually how many seconds it took to download. Therefor, a lower number is better.

Oh right I didn’t read the title, but these speeds are also relative to location (I’m guessing it will be faster in some areas than others).
If I get around to it I might upload it to google drive as well.

I’ve been watching the competition for the last couple of days - looks neat!
I thought I’d let you know that the dropbox link for the all games pack is temporarily not functional; it gave me this error:Error (429)
This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

I hope this is helpful.

we may need someone with a server and a few ads to pay for it to host this**

Google drive shouldn’t have a problem.

Yes I’ve noticed. Turns out dropbox doesn’t like bandwidth above 20gb.
I will upload to google drive and update the description.

New download link:

Dropbox should now work as well :slight_smile:

There’s a good reason why I included the size limit a few competitions back. Imagine if all these games had been above 100 megs…

this is so awesome game pack will. going to play them all and try to break them… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for posting this link, and good luck to all of the other competitors :slight_smile:

try to break them

have fun, that is always a fun goal. I already broke mine, but you will have to find out how.

Yes I agree, 50mb is a fair limit I think its not too little but still reasonable. A couple of the entries were lazy and didn’t bother optimizing (even just literally clicking compress when saving the .blend). To be fair though most people struggled to finish and it had both versions of UPBGE which is about 130mb on top so the actual games were probably only 600mb (around 40mb each).

I ran into the same problem with dropbox, I offered a concert in Flac format on one of those music trading siites. It generated too much traffic. Funny that dropbox, a file sharing site, gets pissed when you share files. eff them, I’m dropping dropbox for google drive.

There’s a good reason why I included the size limit a few competitions back. Imagine if all these games had been above 100 megs…
Not to mention all the different versions of Blender we need to play these games. Some are close to 100 MB. But if you want to play, you need good internet. It only took me 30 min to DL the pkg at 300 KB/sec, (3MEGs?). Not bad. Some concerts I DL took 3 hrs.

Games made with UpBge run with normal blender too. The exception would be, when you use the upbge api. If you use some of the material(upbge) features, then simply they wont show in bf bge. :slight_smile:

finally downloaded took a while. I’m off today, I’m assuming all the games use current version of blender? Also i people keep saying why dont i update , n its becasue i always have to deal with my game not working in the newer ones. so i tried 2.78 and it zooms in the camera in Nuke, Mario wont even start it crashes, and Cibola shaders messed up. Well see i’ll keep it for now. to see the games in the BGMC.

Hello. I saw in the game pack that u put the files in thier version folder. Mine isnt in its proper folder. I played it in the 2.78 and it looks funny the camera is just funny. if u set the camera to 16 focal length it kinda looks like it again, but its not the same. So for judging i hope u guys can give me the courtesy of playing it in that version, since i see u make exceptions for versions. Its only fair. like i said 16 focal in 2.78 or use 2.72 to get it like i had.

Also i downloaded 2.78a , and followed the upengine instructions, and some games didnt work.
I say this because i took all this contest kinda seriously, and i did notice a lot of things that make me feel my game still has a chance of winning even with its shortcommings and late entry, if judged fairly.