BGMC 23 | Cavern Abysm

Cavern Abysm is an underwater submarine game created for BGMC 23.

First time I’m actually posting content on blender artist. I got help from another user here with the artwork, would have really struggled without there help, been reasonably busy in work. Didn’t really get too close to finishing this, lots of stuff I had to leave out in the end.

I used upbge 0.1.2 and I’ve packaged the game up bundled with upbge here:

You just need to extract the files with 7zip and run the .bat (windows users). I’ve only tested with windows 7 64bit.

Here’s another link without upbge (ran out of time to optimize for the 50mb limit):

Any questions/problems let me know. Would be cool to see a lets play or something. Looking forward to feedback.

Nice game!
You should mention the start game blend is in the BIN folder.

Was there a story? I ran out of torpedoes and got eaten by angler fish.
I guess that’s kind of a story. :slight_smile:

Hello boggle,

Congratulations for your finished game.

Would you mind to mention how to play it somewhere in this thread (user manual)?

Thank you


Thanks guys, away from computer at the moment so just a quick reply.

Hit F1 whilst playing to view controls.

Also I think there is instructions.txt that talks about running game with upbge. The blend needed to run the game is in the bin folder.

We had dialogue written for story and other content created, but did not get time to implement this in the timeframe.

I think I reuploaded a version with more torpedos, maybe I forgot.