BGMC 23 | City Of Time


You find yourself inside the walls of an ancient and crumbling city. You find twenty six monuments scattered all around you. They will help you learn the story of what happened to the city. Stay out of the sun and eat lots of cactus.

Made with Blender 2.78a

Minimum time required to play the game: ~18 minutes.

Full play through:

If you want to turn off the filters, they are on the object called “Main Camera” in the scene “Game”

Awesome story! I really liked the subtle plot twist.

However, there was a camera clipping issue for me. It wasn’t so much visually distracting until the end. I’m not sure what would cause it, but it seemed to occur only after a certain elevation. I wasn’t able to see the monument atop the pyramid like in your picture because of it.

I really like the game, it was a fantastic story. It caused me some stress because I couldn’t find the last monument for a long time- and I couldn’t just quit (I guess that is the goal of games). The protection bars were decreasing really fast, and that was also stressful. There was also a little Lag, but not terrible

This sounds really negative, but those are the only things at all- the story was fun, and enjoyed “learning” the letters, and all of it looked really well put together. It is successful to get me to play through an entire game, I wish there were more games as thought provoking.

All in all I really loved everything in it, and my complaints are very minimal :slight_smile: good luck, it seems like a strong game (at least to me- but I am not by trade a fanatic gamer)

edit: I also really wanted… edited for future readers. sorry about that spoiler, it was late when i wrote this.

The game looks amazing, I’m hoping to let’s play it soon (even though it might be wierd to hear my own voice in it XD)

@fredstash: duuuude that last sentence is a huge spoiler! :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice gameplay! I liked the concept behind how a language is discovered, game looks good too!

Character seems very low to the ground.
Food should be a bit more scarce.
Ending was a bit long, narration might have been better accompanied by moving cameras throughout the scene?

I thought the end plot twist would be that you are an animal, because of the low ground.

I was thinking of doing that while the credits are scrolling but I just ran out of time :frowning:

How do you guys feel about the health bars? Do they go down too fast?

Yes, I thought so. Food health bar went down way too fast, but there was plenty of food so that’s OK. I would not change a thing in this game. Very good job. Nice and easy, (sometimes I like easy). Did your family get a good laugh while you were doing the voice overs? I usually get my wife to do voice overs, she hates it. I wait till no one is home, before I do a voive over. LOL. . … anyway . . . really nice game, I loved it.

Thanks for your opinion. I actually used CG Sky’s voice for the narration.

Very interesting game) Story like from Bible.

Great game!
I liked the voice overs.
Finding the last monument was hard. :slight_smile:
On some of the monuments the text doesn’t appear properly, I’m using Blender 2.77 but I don’t think anything has changed since then.

(translation blurred to avoid spoilers.)
You can seer that the translation appears but the original text is blank.
Also in the console it says that the help text sound actuator doesn’t have a sound assigned. This didn’t cause any problems though.
Great use of logic and the performance was good too, though it slowed down a bit if I got too close to the plants which had a lot of transparency.

At first it was hard to stay alive, but as soon as I figured out you can eat the cactus after that it was fine. Not too hard and not too easy. It felt dangerous to go out in to the desert looking for the next monument, but not like you’re gonna die for sure every time.

Nice story with a nice moral to it as well.

Thank you for your feedback. Try playing the game in 2.78a. That the version I used to make the game. Not sure if it will fix the problem. The sound warning is only because I set the file of the sound actuator in-game (aud had problems)

Congratulation Nicholas_A

nice game. Was exciting to play it. I really like the in-game instruction especially after hitting my first cactus (that I was trying to avoid first).

I know the controls are as usual. I would appreciate it when you still mention them here.

Thank you