Bgmc 23 | nuke

OK so finally i’m a day late. to the minute had some media fire issues but i’m happy to say its in working order some what. Have fun Plz check it out. and Judges go easy on me plz. Its a big project i did in 6 ish days.


2.78 version

I’ll work on the cover page in a bit. I need a break. wow was this the hardest i’ve work at this in a while. time for a beer and cig. lol

Nice work! Great to see this game being finished :smiley:

I’m not sure what to do. It is just a guy leaning against a wall and nothing happens.

Found the problem: Line 12 of player script: object has no attribute ‘axisValues’

Do you need a joystick to play? Can I use keyboard and mouse?

Please provide a keyboard compatible version in the next 24 hours if you want to compete in BGMC 23.

Looks great, but getting the same issue of being stuck in a wall.
Also was this made with v2.78?

it was that when the joystick isnt pluged it wont work. I figured it out finally, it uses keyboard, but when the joystick isnt hooked up it errors. srry everyone. was asleep to.

here my late entry. plz show some love. lol

2.78 version

also its in 2.72b. didnt test on anyother version. srry. Got to go to work sux. i’ll hook it up with vids and stuff. i;m sure it will work. i checked everything. it was my bugfix bonanza

if it works you guys are going to freak out with it. lol its sick. also its “M” rated for the language. nice easter egg when u finish it, and a Suzanne head. let me know in the comments if u saw the ending, and if u found the Suzanne head

Nice game! I felt a little bad giving all those guys drugs, but it’s a cautionary tale right? :smiley:
The assets are great, surprised to see that a lot of the vehicles weren’t used. Did you make them or were they from somewhere else? I notice the armored car says Racoon PD… :slight_smile:

The guy smoking a cigarete has a little rigging issue on his arm, but other than that no problems.
It would be nice to have a start screen rather than jump right in, and you left the debug properties displayed.

The animations were great though.
Also, nice voice acting.

@SmokeingMirror so it works? So i assume u passed it? May i ask did everything work? like were u able to complete it? I’m supprized no one else has given feedback. Hey i played your game I liked it I just was haveing issues with the enemys disappearing. I’d like to talk about your game more , but i 'm on lunch break. when i get home im gonna make a video and fix this neglected gem. lol

Oh and if you passed it, did u shoot the gun? I give u a brief segment where u can just unload on Nick.

Ok so here is just some pics to put up. I will put more later. I Hope this will do for now i get out of work in about 5 hrs. This contest really tore me up too.

and some more real quick. I’ll make a walktrough later today.

I hope to get some feedback from everyone if possible. I will make it a point to play all the other games. I’ve only played BlueprintRandoms and smokingmirrors.

I found a bug with the fan blade textures:

I didn’t get to fire a gun…

i give u like 30 seconds at the end and u can choose to kill Nick for fun. If u just open the file in the logic editor click “gun_on” to True. the player is selected at default. this lets u always have gun controls. but there is no gun model. i had a story element that was supposed to hide the gun till later i the game.

nice game, no big errors… just this small things about the fan textures I noticed an alpha error maybe you could change to alpha clip? I don’t know even blender bge has allot of alpha errors…

Where’s the fat guy the cops keep arresting me, PS I didn’t get a chance to sell any drugs :stuck_out_tongue: hehe, HELP!.. the cops just keep arresting me for leaving the ally haha…

was actually pretty fun, will play more and must be allot of stuff I missed, graphically it’s awesome and very clean, the level in any case. good luck man! :eyebrowlift2:

this is how i got the walls to have a more exaggerated look. I litterally moved the bricks around and baked the textures. then the whole nine on like ao’s , normals, and the color textures. it came out rather well for the time frame. I like how the main assets that added to the file were the AC units and all it was is a cube basically and the trashcan also the alpha fire escapes.

ok so at the default start up select true on prop “gun_on” and it will be so.

keep the volume low, my mic is shit so u may have it to loud for the game audio.