BGMC 23 | Onikiri "demon slayer"

BGMC 23 | Onikiri “demon slayer”

Finish the game, :eyebrowlift2: hanzo and Thevoid755 collaboration…

also mind the credits, PS hope I mentioned everybody tried not to use anything much we made almost everything except texture samples, of witch we remixed into all new textures, though many were made from scratch. Then of course I used Thatimster addons and my favorite 3rd person cam script by Mobious.

we used UPBGE 0.1.2

just unzip the file, go into the folder and click on OnikiriUI press P to start. all the textures are packed into the blends.

Am I doing this right??? :o

controls for directions are movement (wasd) and hit with the sword left and right mouse, while when you fight the BOSS he will stun the playable character, this powers her up, glowing red and you can use middle mouse button to fire at the demon with a ripe red blast.
download here! file about 70 mb zipped

if the link don’t work please tell me and i fix it or upload somewhere else…

There is hardly any sound cause of the draw back… Sorry bout that…:frowning:
I hope you enjoy your self’s through…:slight_smile:

PS: Here’s the Preview of the gameplay :slight_smile:

Also some Screens of the game :smiley:

Awesome stuff!

Great to see you guys submitted a game :smiley:
Hopefully you have learnt heaps for next BGMC :wink:

I would like to retool this for you a bit if I get time, and have it be more dramatic (pause, snap of action, bodies fall to the ground in pieces)

I will see what I can do this week,

Great art, nice work gentleman!

That would be awesome BPR. Thatimster yes we learned much about organizing ourselves together quickly.

Ok, I need the animation to be more snappy, and I need a ‘holding’ frame.

Do you want him like this while charging?

The graphics look awesome! Nice textures! I think the sword slashes and walk cycles should be a lot faster for more of a supernatural effect, though. Some combo attacks could be cool too :slight_smile:

@BluePrintRandom Him? I thought it was a her, lol.

yarp him/her (the example I showed was a dude*) lol

but a ‘dynamic charging pose’ and then a instant snap to another pose that leaves a sprite, then everything falling apart a few seconds later sounds pretty fun

about the enemies being dismembered, I think it will be easier, would be to just have ‘pre sliced’ enemies, and chose one based on the where the blow landed and which swing type it was.

have them be rag dolls on a hidden layer, and when the actor dies, move the body parts bones to match they dying actor bones, (replace the dying actor with the pre cut ragdoll at the moment they all fall apart)

definitely a girl :yes:

This game was mainly a prototyping system for me and thevoid755 and everything was great we work together pretty well, but the game only has 1 week of development so even on our end it’s only the first stage right now and we don’t know for sure if we want to take it further. But it is a “awesome!” prototype so who knows… :eek:

if we decided to develop it into a bigger project, well then there is loads we can add to it, and do to make it better… If we had some help from say BPR we could make this into really sick finish clean professional development…

I’m in about the same boat with Eternity. This week helped me test out a world building method I had in mind. And after a friend played it, we started brainstorming some really fun ideas that could make the game way better. So I’m trying to decide if I want to rework it into a full arcade length game.

that beast killed me in the one file and the hoard got me in the other, i had to play it in solid mode. no textures

textures slow down you comp to much or…?

Really great looking game.
The game play was a little sluggish, I died a lot from getting swarmed.

Does the gun work? It didn’t do anything when i tried it…

You deader the boss with gun on second stage. I have since made updates and the game gun works now after killing some enemies. But I want to wait until completely is over. :wink:

Made some tests with bf bge 278c and upbge 015. The only modify is on the alpha blend of the zombie set to opaque.
Bf bge - >
Upbge 015 ->

that is pretty cool Akira, was thinking of working on this game keep developing it but I already have so many projects and very little help to finish much but I’m making slow and steady progress… would you to work with me on it possibly?

and wow the eevee engine their developing looks to be pretty awesome I’ll love to see Onikiri under the power of eevee…

Sorry, im also busy with my project.