BGMC 23 | Raven's Food

It has done a lot of games about the war. About the bloody battles. I am interested to talk about what will happen after. So my game is about a soldier surviving a bloodbathe. He was damaged but not ready to give up. He does not want to be raven’s food.


Is that a duck or a rabbit on the flag??? :eyebrowlift2:

Raven, maybe?? lol

I like the concept, sounds fun. I also want to know if that is a duck or a rabbit lol. I’m seeing both.

It is the rabbit-duck illusion

My protagonist has experienced a bloody battle. He was damaged and soon he would die. He has a choice of different ways to survive. Surrendered to the enemy. Ask for help from looters. Try to ride the horse. And so on. After player will open all the ways he can open a true ending.

nice and wonderful models if this happened to be a game, ? i think it would be super awesome

I really like the trees.

My game is completed!
my game is completed