BGMC 23 | Raven's Food

Hi, everyone! It was difficult but my game was finished. It has a full of bugs. But it works.
My protagonist has experienced a bloody battle. He was damaged and soon he would die. He has a choice of different ways to survive. Surrendered to the enemy. Ask for help from looters. Try to ride the horse. And so on. After player will open all the ways he can open a true ending.
I hope you will like it. Good luck to everyone. I am waiting for reviews.

It is blend file if somebody want to see it:

Please enable the desktop option for the standalone player. The resolution is terrible.

It is blend file if somebody want to see it:

What do you think is better resolution?

Select FullScreen and Desktop under the resolutions to make it full screen resolution on anyone’s PC.

Thank you! I am reload link.

There was some physical glitching whenever I rest. Maybe use triangle mesh for your terrain collisions or character?

v2.77a bge

Ok. I replaced the link. I just make another mesh for floor. I hope it is better now)

What blender version was this made with?

Blender v2.78 Some problem with it?

link dont work :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure? I checked and everythink work.

I had fun, but I wasn’t sure what i was doing. The blood covers up the messages so I can’t read them.
It would be better to have them appear over the blood. Also it would be nice if the blood didn’t totally obscure your view. Making it partly transparent would be nice.

I liked the graphics style and the tone was great, very funny. The rabbit/duck god thing was a good choice.

couldnt find the sword, but found raiders, and wolves, and the blue castle , and a mean horse. lol I tried to die infront of the raven.
I thought i said Kneel to surrender to the people, but it didnt work.

Sword in the river. You can get on you in front of looter(RMB). Raven’s ending will open when you find all 8 endings. Sorry for bugs and thank you for tips) p.s. i am update links again)

Hello ApelsinShow,

this is a very unique idea. I’m not sure if I completed the game stories but it was fun to discover the various options.


Hi ApelsinShow,

very nice game, didn´t have any problems playing it, couldn´t find ending 3.
Would be nice if the raven tell you, how much ending(s) were left to play, maybe the raven can cark it.

I tried this game out an found it bit entertaining same time interesting :slight_smile:

One problem tho… I really couldn’t find out how to get past few obstacle’s
the castle an the horse&crow

Thanks for you response) It is only 8 endings and then will opened raven’s ending.