BGMC 23 | Resource Tutorials

Some tutorials that might be useful for BGMC 23

How to make your game file size smaller:

How to make textures pixelated:

How to make a blurred pause menu:

How to optimize shadows:

How to save your game using the global dictionary:

How to add reflections:

Shaded Smoke:


How to optimize your game:

How to add LoD:


FPS setup:

Post processing addon (library of 2D filters):

Free Assets:

Free Sounds:

Free Music

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I’ve been following this ch for quite sometimes.
You are amazing. Thank you so much!

Thanks :D, glad you find them useful!

Feel free to post any other resources that you use.

Here are some of my tutorials. Thought I’d put my two cents in.

Way to advertise your tutorials guys. So sad I’m to late to throw in my own tutorials now. I think this was meant as a nice idea, but it feels like blatant self advertisement if you only put your own tutorials. Sry for the rant :slight_smile: I can see why you created this post.

It was meant to be open to anyone who wanted to post resources for any tutorials, I just used some of my tutorials because I found these useful when creating a BGMC game.

Again, I’ll partly have to blame this post on my tiredness this morning, I can see why your videos are actually really helpful for beginners which might not know those things.