BGMC 23 | Resource Tutorials

(Thatimster) #1

Some tutorials that might be useful for BGMC 23

How to make your game file size smaller:

How to make textures pixelated:

How to make a blurred pause menu:

How to optimize shadows:

How to save your game using the global dictionary:

How to add reflections:

Shaded Smoke:


How to optimize your game:

How to add LoD:


FPS setup:

Post processing addon (library of 2D filters):

Free Assets:

Free Sounds:

Free Music

(mziskandar) #2

I’ve been following this ch for quite sometimes.
You are amazing. Thank you so much!

(Thatimster) #3

Thanks :D, glad you find them useful!

Feel free to post any other resources that you use.

(Nicholas_A) #4

Here are some of my tutorials. Thought I’d put my two cents in.

(CG Sky) #5

Way to advertise your tutorials guys. So sad I’m to late to throw in my own tutorials now. I think this was meant as a nice idea, but it feels like blatant self advertisement if you only put your own tutorials. Sry for the rant :slight_smile: I can see why you created this post.

(Thatimster) #6

It was meant to be open to anyone who wanted to post resources for any tutorials, I just used some of my tutorials because I found these useful when creating a BGMC game.

(CG Sky) #7

Again, I’ll partly have to blame this post on my tiredness this morning, I can see why your videos are actually really helpful for beginners which might not know those things.