BGMC 23 | The Hole

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 23rd Blender Game Making Contest.
My game came 3rd out of 15 entries.

You can play a final updated version (with some changes recommended by the judges and players) on my gamejolt page. Windows .exe only for now. You can find the original blend below in the quote.

Here’s a new gameplay video:

There’s a manual in the download.

Here’s the original post:

Marathon finish! It’s 3 Am here now… and I"m done. Please tell me about any bugs so I can fix them tomorrow.

Made with Blender 2.77
(I checked out the game on blender 2.78 and it’s really broken. It won’t start at all, so I suggest any new players to stick to Blender 2.77 which runs fine).

There’s lots more I’d like to include in it, but I don’t have any more time.
You can download the files here.

(wish there was a strikethrough format on BA)

Final version (v.016) here.

Bugs fixed:
Some quest and item combination code wasn’t working.
Inventory object selection was too fast.
Some items weren’t correct on the map so they were causing a crash.

It should be very possible to finish the game now. It’s quite a long game though, and if I was going to add new features I’d add the ability to run. :slight_smile:

And there’s a video here:

You can use WASD or numpad for movement. Press i for inventory. Press c to try and combine two items.
Escape to exit, your progress will be saved! :slight_smile:

Credit to SolarLune who first developed the pixel filter I used, though i modified it to be resolution independent. It will adjust itself to your monitor.


It is look great! I remembered how I play in the first Silent Hill!

There’s a couple of bugs in the game right now. I’ll fix them and reupload tonight.
Right now you should still be able to finish the game but some puzzles will be automatically solved because of a missed check. You should wait for the fix if you want the full experience.

Also there’s a problem with using numpad to walk or WASD for inventory. I’ve got a fix for that too though.

There’s a twist at the end, so no spoilers if you make it that far please. :slight_smile:

Looks great! Can’t wait to play it! I’ll hopefully be able to let’s play my first experience, along with all the games in this jam.

Okay! Spunds great, But please wait for tonight’s fix. It will be a much better experience. :slight_smile:

Fun game, I am completely lost (never played a game like this before- closest thing I’ve played is ZORK, lol) I really enjoy it, and there is a lot to it. This theme was pretty hard, I’m excited to see such good games coming out of it.

edit: also I was playing on v2.78a and I had issues with the inventory, it would scroll too fast (but I think I have blender 2.77 somewhere on my computer, so I will try it with that one)

This looks freaking cool. Old resident evil scheme. I like it so far the best one ive seen. I wasnt able to finish mine on time. :frowning: downloading your file id like to see it.

take a look at my file i uploaded it, but its not final.

Hi Fred, the inventory bug will be fixed tonight. The walk keys are on pulse instead of tap, and that carries over to the inventory.
There’s an easy fix though.

Bug fixed version posted in the first post.
You should be able to finish the game now, though it’s quite long and there’s a lot of places you could get lost along the way.

Here’s a spoiler showing the ending sequence, which I’m really very proud of, if you don’t feel like playing the game all the way through.

Otherwise here are some instructions and tips for anyone who wants to play the game.


  • Use WASD or NUMPAD to move. You usually move relative to the camera.
  • Press i to bring up the inventory. You can move the cursor using the movement keys, don’t worry your character won’t move while the inventory is open.
  • In the inventory press c to try and combine two items. The red cursor shows the item you’re trying to combine with the white cursor.
  • If you are successful the two items will disappear and a new item will be added to the inventory. The sledge hammer never disappears when combined. It returns to the inventory undamaged.
  • If you come across a door, trigger or transition where you can’t pass it might say “this door is locked”. If you find the correct item to unlock it it will now say “this door is unlocked”. The same goes for items which you try to pick up. Some need another item to make it possible to collect them (imagine you need a fishing rod to pick up a fish).
  • Press escape to quit. Don’t worry, all your progress will be saved in a text file called saves and next time you run the game it will start from where you left off.


  • Look out for doors, you may have to try and walk of screen if the door is not fully seen. If you can’t walk somewhere it’s impassable. Try somewhere else. Transitions to the next area are sometimes right in front of the camera. If you can’t find an exit try and walk towards the camera, when the info text at the top of the screen gives you a hint, press space to travel to the next area. Not all doors are easy to spot. (if I was making the game again I would correct this, as it’s kind of a problem).
  • If you are looking for items, stand still for a moment. All items on screen pulse softly with light, to show they are not part of the background. It’s a subtle effect but it can help you to find a small item like a key on a nightstand.
  • Pick up everything you find. There’s room in your inventory, so don’t worry. (If I was making the game again, I’d put all the notes and newspapers in a separate inventory screen from useful items such as flashlights or crowbars.)
  • The enemy is pretty stupid. Try to avoid him. Learn his movements. There’s a back story about the enemy which I didn’t really have time to add, but maybe you can guess it.
  • If the enemy “kills” you don’t worry. You will just be dumped back at the beginning with all your stuff. This can sometimes be useful.
  • The story is both non-linear and self contradictory. It might not make a lot of sense at first. The game starts in 1982…

There’s so much stuff I would do differently if I was making the game again, but other things I really liked how they turned out. Thanks for playing, it’s not perfect but I hope you get some fun out of it. :smiley:

Game crash in a location with a lighter without gas.

Did you use the updated game?
You can transfer your saved game from the old version.
Just add “used_items”:[] to the text file inside the {}

Yes, I am play in v014. When I go in location with a lighter without gas game just crashed(

Ok. Thanks I’ll check it tonight.
I think it’s because a sound emitter was placed on top of an item.

Some of the bug fixing I did yesterday wasn’t saved. Only the scripts I modified were saved, the Blend data must have been a copy I was working on, not the original which I exported.

Have to track down the changes I made again…

OK, final version posted in the first post (v0.16)

Hopefully I got all the bugs this time.
I wrote a little debugging tool to go through and check if there are any triggers which are sharing the same tile or item names whicha re not in the item dictionary.

I also set it so it saves the game every time you move to a different area, so if it does crash you won’t lose everything.

BTW… the enemies are supposed to disapear as you move away from them. It’s not a bug. :slight_smile:

i thought it was a bug too. i will check it out. I really want to pass it before i watch the vid.

is the udated version in the BGMC pck downloads?

Ok i’ve always wanted to make a game like this. The old ps one look is sick! The game style is like Dino Crysis and Resident evil. If ur down i wouldnt mind helping or starting our own project using this style.

Actually I am considering a short project using a similar style, and arranging it as a collaboration.
I’d like to set a development window, like a month or two and try and get a team together to make the game during that time.
Roles which would be helpful:
Character artists (the characters can be low poly and don’t require detailed textures because of the game style, but they do need good animations)
Background artists (designing 2d locations either converted from stock photographs or rendered from high detail 3d scenes)
Voice actors (from a lot of different countries)
Music and sound engineers (this is something I’m not at all good at)
Dialog writers
Puzzle designers

Here’s an example of a background I made for the game, most were just straight edits of a picture, with adjustments to color and tone though for this one I did proper layered matte painting.

Of course I can do all those jobs myself, but the idea would be to have a team work on it together to make sure it can be done in a reasonable time limit. The background painting above took a big chunk of one of my development days, that day I made three of them and didn’t do anything else. They were important because they are the first and last scenes of the game.