BgMC 23 The Meltdown

Game Concept, GDD, director, Modeling and rigging by Akira_San

Code, animations and texture by BPR

What we have so far

Intial build

good stuff bro :wink: glad to see you in the comp… Also I can only imagine what the story will be at this point but judging by the title meltdown, I’m thinking futuristic sci-fi robots maintain nuclear reactor from “meltdown” to save that spaceship/space-colony/moonbase from certain catastrophe.

:cool: this project going to get juicy fast…

Thanks Hanzo

Had too much going on in the background, and my hardisk is not very fast so it is a little skippy.

Looks good, defragmenting the disk might help with the hard drive.
I would suggest maybe adding a low energy hemi lamp so you don’t get 100% black in all places.

Yeah, still blocking out, not even into lighting yet =)

I like map making now that I know what I am doing :smiley:

The lighting looks much better!

Will you have a skydome or something similar for the surrounding environment?

The view is top down isometric so no, but I may make an exterior that you can see from inside that will help tell the story,

Looking really cool.

I think you’ve got a vsync problem going on there…

Oddly enough turning vsync off fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Nighters all (I sleepz)