BGMC 23 | The Meltdown

I had a lot of fun making this, even though I had bigger plans, I was able to end it gracefully enough

all controls use only mouse

instructions in game.

( if you get stuck pathfinding Clicking very close to the actor invokes a different behavior *)

New link
should work in vanilla bge

Still needs more polish, menus etc, but I am proud of what I achieved
(even took on a foster kid for a few days during the bgmc! )

should be good guts to start a fallout type game from.

I see missing files. Also you left print() in the scripts. I think i found regression…

Yeah, It still needs some polish, I submitted becsuse we normally have 24 hours for bug fixing

Feel free to resumbit me a copy with mods if its still before the deadline

Updated File (3X)

Faster and uses upbge(depth transparency and geometry instancing) 0.1.2 or higher

I think akira_san removed the compatibility issues*should run on vanilla bge

An exported version for people who do not have UPBGE would be great!

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I think akira_san removed the compatibility issues*should run on vanilla bge

Also tommarow i need to remove all the print statements on bug day

Hey BPR, great to see you in the contest. :slight_smile: I know it’s not easy juggling a deadline amd family commitments.
Good luck!

Thanks! Your entry looks great!

This time around I just tried to have fun with it and finish what I could,
Definitely dig how easy pie menus this way made it to add new functions.

MouseInput calls the pie menu, and builds based on options in the game ob,

Pie menu calls function based on name of the icon, the function gathers the data and pops it into the goap stripz, the strips call. Functions and cram the data in em, and the higher level commands can call lower level states =)

I used 2 function dictionaries, and a stand-alone style ui, and it worked nice.

Ok, I think I am done bugfixing!

(aparently vanilla bge applyRot works different)
had to whip out a matrix :smiley:

works in vanilla bge!

Test and confirm peoples?

Great to see you in here for another contest! From what i can see without having played it yet, it looks like you created a cool game! I’ll hopefully review it soon.

played it , is it finished? I got stuck in a room at the top of the map, it didnt want to move anymore for some reason.

Just click close to the actor, anything under 5 units invokes a different behavior (thrust to point rather than pathfinding)

Hi BPR, there’s a lot to like about the game. The art assets are great and the radial menu effect was quite nice when I got used to it.
The character navigation was a bit tough, I got stuck a few times, eventually falling through the floor.

With a game like this where you can only go certain places I think I would ditch physics all together an only let him go on the mesh.
I usually use a grid based system for my games as that makes navigation a breeze.

I got to the reactor, but there was just a default cube sitting next to it, no end screen or message.
I’m using Blender 2.77

The reactor is in the center of the level, and it’s a giant cylinder,

Warning Spoiler alert!

if the pathfinding goes wonky, just click the ground near the actor and he will move that way

(Clicking very close to the actor invokes a different behavior *)

I liked this game, tho I did get stuck quite often. Never did like point and click games. Not my cup o tea (if you will), but others do, so thats OK. Nice artwork. Cool little robot. Great job.

The tile set and props are from Johnny blacks dead project assets,

The music is by teknoaxe

Akira_san became ill on day 1 lf the comp, so I had to be artist, amd coder, animator etc.

I found two problems:
-After the first song ended, the second one started playing very jittery.

  • the robot fell off the platform and could not get back up.