BGMC 23 | The Meltdown

I found two problems:

-After the first song ended, the second one started playing very jittery.

  • thanks I never played that long!
  • the robot fell off the platform and could not get back up. -
    I intended on using invisible colliders to fix this but simply ran out of time :smiley:

Check this out - if you want to re-use my code here are some notes on the stuctures

(input) ->call pie or navigate -> pop strip into actor -> actor uses functionary to call state.

some states are blocking and others are not*

Do I get a monster review =|

I want monsters reviewz =)

Congratulations BluePrintRandom.

I do not need to mention to publish a user manual, as you already did that in your fist post :D.

I have a big problem. Ubge does not show any textures and everything is black and white (not just your game). I wanted to open your blend with bge 2.78a but … Blender crashe when opening the blend file. I guess it is not compatible anymore.

Unfortunately these issues prevent me from judging your game :(.

As you said you assume your game works with BGE too, can you post a blend file that was saved with one of the Blender version? Maybe I can open that.

Thank you

That is sad to hear. I had no problem playing the game.

Hi Monster, which version of UPBGE are you using?
I loaded the Meltdown fine in v0.1.4 it loads and plays OK and all the textures are correct.

It crashes immediately in blender 2.78a, but then again I find that all my games crash in that version of Blender (I’m going to reinstall blender 2.77 I think, at least that worked OK with all my old games).

It works on 2.77 on my machine and upbge 0.1.0

ok, tried your game again.

Nice to see it fixed, only thing you should change is the interact menu, don’t make those icons black, hard to see.
for me it works without adaption on bge 2.78a

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