BGMC 24 | Chained

You are in an apartment with a monster. Don’t let it escape.

I’m using resources from:

First screen:

The packed .blend:

Nice work! Like the artstyle with the gray and white colours. Cool idea!

Finished the kitchen. I think I will start making the monster on Tuesday.

Looking super clean, and well done.

The lighting in that scene is perfect :0

Wow! Turns out you don’t need detailed textures to make scene look decent. Great work there! :wink:

Adran - It also looks good because everything is the size that you’re used to seeing in real life. Your brain is more willing to accept it. If the refrigerator was bigger than it looks normally or its door was lower than normal, then the whole environment would look cartoonish and off. I’m actually modeling my own apartment and taking measurements of everything as I go. I can use it in this game and also save it for reminiscing in vr one day.

BPR - Thank you!

Wow, that looks really good and the idea sounds so fun! I can’t wait to try it!

Using the power of /2, awesome. :slight_smile:

Still working on the monster. I’m going to make it emaciated; its eyes and mouth will bug out when I do animations - if I get that far.

Now I just have to rig and animate it.

“EEEEeeeee” (the one on the left
“Oooorrrrrr” (the one in the middle
“Uuuuhhhhh” (the one on the right)

That is a lot of monsters for a tiny room…
Looking really good.

I think they are all the same monster and he is showing off the face keys :smiley:

Remember to download the whole file folder not just the .blend, otherwise you will not get the textures and sounds.


The packed .blend: