BGMC 24 | Cold Day

I’m surprised I actually finished.
The game literally takes 5 minutes, I ran out of time to add more puzzles. The first 2 levels are polished and decent, the last three literally take a few seconds of walking.

Sounds like mine, the first level is super polished, and the second one took like ten minutes to make. Looking nice, and i’m excited to try it out.

Pretty cool (after I dug through the blend file to realize that you aren’t trying to escape the first room - you have to go to sleep first).
I love the horror atmosphere - particularly the door slam. I didn’t find it scary (I don’t enjoy horror games because, well, I don’t get any horror out of a game), but did have a good chuckle about it.

I like the look and the setpieces. Also the shadow on the wall in the beginning was really impressive.
Other than that, there wasn´t much gameplay or story that one could explore.
One can really tell that you spent most of your time creating the atmosphere and the environment, which is definitely the strong point of this game. Just a tad more interactivity would be nice.

Really nice looking game. I got to a room with 2 red doors and couldn’t figure out what to do from there.
Having the ability to walk backwards would be nice.

Yeah, in the room with 2 red doors I used a collision sensor instead of a near sensor. All you have to do is keep walking forward into the second red door and press ‘e’. Next time I make a game I’ll have to remember to add strafing and walking backwards- My brother pointed out the same thing when he played through it but I never got around to adding it.

Man, I didn’t want it to end! As other people said there is a few things that would make it a bit better, but over all this feels like a very finished, solid game. Well done!