BGMC 24-ESCAPE! All games pack!

Here are all the games for the Blender Game Making Contest #24.
The Theme was escape.

Go check out the individual threads for more information on the games:

Bounty Hunt- Escape! By Szlobi
Parallax -acloudyskye
Manic Mack’s Escape- BluePrintRandom
Evacuate- Apilch
Escape- Boggle
Chained- Geometricity
In the dog House- Fredstash
The Escapism- Nicholas_A
Get Out!- JO5HU4.Blend
Cold Day- Grenzer

It’s good to see the original post because they might have some instructions for controls of how to play.
Thanks to everyone for taking part.
You can download the “All games pack” here.

I’ll be putting up a community in the main Discussion Forum. Please try to play all the games.
Have fun!

Thank you for hosting :slight_smile:

Think the link isn’t working, getting ‘permission denied’

Works for me, but not when I’m at work.