BGMC 24 - Maniac Mack's Midnight Run

Hopefully tomorrow and tues I can stomp out the rest.

if you pay attention to this - it shows you how to setup a serializer that accepts Xbox controller input*

end of night 1

The character looks simple but It is cool

Yeah, I think the style of the character is great.
One of my favorite BGMCs I went with really simple hand painted characters and I think it turned out well.
That style works really well for game jams I think.

The character is the work of Konrad, my friend the artist from poland. =D

That’s sweet! I’ve never seen that done with the BGE before. I might buy a cheap pc controller to try it out. Think this would work?

Edit: Hang on lol… I found a bunch on eBay for .99 free shipping. How is this possible lol. Some of them are US sellers too. Can companies really create knock-off that cheap??

Nevermind… It’s a bug with ebay. It’s displaying a price before selecting the item variation.

Character looks pretty nice. Looking forward for some gameplay :wink:


Ok things can now bleed and or possibly die,

BGMC is nice, becuase things you have done before, you get a chance to implement again better :3

ok typewriter text is in!

enemies walk, attack , and chew gum, but they are all out of gum :smiley:

Much more to come :smiley:

Oops double post

Do you know about the shift+space shortcut?

Nope, (is that toggle active cam?)

So now onto the meat of the issue :smiley:

No. It toggles-maximizes the window your mouse is over so that you don’t have to do all that dragging around of windows to make the preview big.

This is cool.

Thanks Akira_San


mob spawn system is a GO!

Side note, probably going to need a better HD soon.

The game will read 60 fps, but I get little hiccups in the recording, I assume from my hd usage peaking.

(it’s not very high cycle and HD casting likes dem cycles)

Block, death, and respawn are in as well as vehicle physics