BGMC 24 - Manic Mack's escape

Requires UPBGE 0.1.6 **

Scripts by Jacob Merrill
Mit CC Non-Comercial - Must Attribute author

Email [email protected] and inquire for other permisions

All Art Property of Konrad Dakowicz

Requires UPBGE 0.1.6 **
Requires UPBGE 0.1.6 **

Pretty cute, but very easy to dodge all the enemies - I didn’t have to attack anything to escape.

Nice assets, plays well - thought I find player motion a little slow.
(Played in UPBGE 0.1.4 with apparently no ill effects)

I enjoyed it a lot. The art was great and the style was very fun. Like an old 90s coin op.
I don’t think the pixel filter adds much more to the experience, it might be better to leave it off. The character art looks better without it.

I don’t think the physics worked that well with the coin-op experience, since when I tried to pick up the sword I just pushed it away across the floor. I think those kind of games work well with a kind of tile based gameplay. It makes AI control much easier too since either a tile is empty or not and so the AI can decide to go in to it or not. Where as with free form movement the AI can get stuck on rocks or walk in to walls etc…

Maybe a bug; the door to the cave could be walked through without opening when I played.

Yeah, I should have made the sword really heavy and with a bunch of friction,

I did not get a chance to test and tweak as much as I would have liked to,
I did not get the bomb finished until 1 hour before midnight, and added all the tutorial spawners right at the end.

It was definitely a bit more code/content than I could get done in a week, but I had a bunch of fun nonetheless.

I found it hard to get the character to rotate left or right.Maybe you could have him continue to rotate
left or right as long as the a and d buttons are pressed.

I escaped without driving the car.That was easy.I did not fight
the cannables much.

About the rotation I think I should store it, and still rotate even in idle,
(this way is realistic and responsive)

There was going to be more vehicular combat, I just ran out of time :smiley:
(Konrad made a bad ass semitractor)

I noticed a place you can fall out the map as well.

Any bugs or feedback?

It was too easy.

Yeah, I did not have enough time to balance it out better,

The theme was escape, and staying and fighting was not the best idea, as the player and enemy agents were balanced, and the player was outnumbered.

The most fun I had playing the game was running enemies over in the car, during testing.
I probably should have included that.

I think you should of.It would have been funner.

Gameplay design and level design are two separate things. When you’re doing everything yourself there’s not much time for devoting to level design. If you have a team, it can be good to get a dedicated level designer to work on that part.

I suggest putting together a few levels and publishing it on game jolt. There’s a good place for getting some playtesting and feedback (through ratings) and less serious than steam.

thank you, we will try to consider to put it on game jolt :wink:
Sounds like a good way to playtest it.

Hey, here’s a gameplay video of your game by me :slight_smile:

Hope you like it!

I did not need the bomb or the knife to beat game.

Hehe. I got the zombies trapped :slight_smile: