BGMC 24 | Parallax


You awake in a strange dimension, with your only objective to escape.


Controls: [WASD SPACE] to wall run just hug the wall

If you encounter any bugs please post ASAP so i can fix it!

Music: Möbius - Wordplay

Great and fun game! Shooting doesn´t work in UPBGE, but works in regular BGE.

Like the fast pace and skillful gameplay. Boss is wayy too precise and only defeatable when you stand below him so he can´t hit you.
His aim and firing rate is wayy to high in my opinion, or I was unable to figure out the right tactic against him.

Either way, neat little game, would love to see more!

Thanks! Yeah the boss is a bit difficult, also the little white things on the floor are actually health pickups when you walk over them, I probably should’ve made that more clear.

Really stylish. I love the music and the setting. Great game!
Having a check point was great, though it was annoying to go back to the start after the boss killed me.

Love the music and sounds, Took me a few goes before I escaped. Lots of fun - I wish it was longer.
Nice art as well.

I get a python error: “actu is not defined” but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the game.

Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Strange, the code that has that error should be the movementSound script but it still works