BGMC 24 | The Escapism

This game was made using UPBGE 0.1.4

My BGMC 24 entry is called The Escapism. To escape from the room you must solve the riddle and find the item in the room which is the answer to the riddle. Put the object in the “Deposit Box” to open the door.

This time around, my game didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped because I just chose a poor idea from the start so I lost motivation after like the second level. Regardless, I hope this game finds your attention for a solid ~2-5 minutes because there is a great surprise in the last level :cool:.

Download: click here

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A fun game well done. The outdoor level i got stuck after reaching the edge of the walk able area (the slope was too steep and I couldn’t fall down more because of being blocked by an invisible wall).
Could do with some more sounds, like when things get moved or dropped, but not too bad. The foot steps don’t match the outdoor area well, but they give a good feeling to the indoor areas.

Really good game! But I felt out of bonds on the last level :slight_smile: . The mushroom one was like: OMG seriously?? :smiley:

I am super annoyed that my laptop can’t play this. Looks great from the video.
(Blender crashes when pressing play)

Thats too bad. Do you know why?

Not really

It crashed for me too :frowning: I tried in 2.78c and UPBGE 0.1.4

It was the blender version
Ran for me in UPBGE 0.1.4, crashed in 2.78c.

On the whole I like it. The riddles were good fun, though I got stuck in a gully in the forest map and couldn’t get out or get to the piece I was meant to collect. Oh well.
Nice subtle noise filter. I like the graphics and the motion. Excellent job on having lots of things you can interact with - though I am disappointing that you can’t interact with anything after you’ve solved the puzzles (prevented me from playing around)

I was able to play it. It ran good on my pc and the levels looked nice.
The mechanics didn´t really feel polished though, and every level was really simple.
Once can tell that you lost a bit motivation at the end of creating this game, but that happens :slight_smile:

It worked fine for me. I really liked it, especially the end, that was a real good surprise!

I guess this is for 64bit?

Yeah, cause you need UPBGE.

Okay erm, right well I have downloaded the file onto the 64bit laptop i have access to.

Nicholas, I wanted to tell you that I loved the graphics in your game, and gameplay was super smooth!

I too follow UPBGE and enjoyed seeing other Blenderheads being active in it!

Thank you very much for sharing!

Thank you for the compliment but my effort I put into this game ran about about half way through the second level so only the first and second levels have decent graphics :smiley: