[BGMC 25] Ant Panic!

(Nicholas_A) #1

This time I’m working with a friend, @Bowedpath. We have decided that our micro world will be a bug world. We plan on making a tower defense game with ants and bugs being the enemy. I’ll be doing the programming and Bowedpath will be modelling. That’s about all we have discussed so far and I will make some updates to this post tomorrow.

(Smoking_mirror) #2

Wow! First post. :slight_smile: I was thinking bugs too, but I’m not sure now.

(Nicholas_A) #3

Some simple sketches Bowedpath made for the game.

This is one of the turrets which will shoot water beads at the bugs:

Bug zapper which will zap all the bugs withing a radius:

(JustinBarrett) #4

I like the light zapper idea :slight_smile:
little bottle cap shields/helmets(nutshells) maybe? :slight_smile:
this sounds like a fun project good luck in the contest.

(Nicholas_A) #5

Yeah we plan on making the towers based on picnic items :), and the scene will be a picnic.

(moshus) #6

Nice idea and settings!

(Nicholas_A) #7

(Mirror|rorriM) #8

Looks like a really great start! Reminds me of Plants vs. Zombies (even though this tower defense seems to be top-down so far). Good luck!

(sdfgeoff) #9

Is the water turret a tin can with a drinking straw?

(Nicholas_A) #10

That’s exactly what is is :smiley:

(LioKon) #11

Awesome concept:D Good luck with your project!

(Nicholas_A) #12

(Nicholas_A) #13

(APilch) #14

Looks great! I’m really impressed with how smooth the mechanics are. The varied texture is a nice touch.

(Nicholas_A) #15

Here’s a sneak peek at the menu. I’ll have it overlayed the game scene with the camera flying around. Think Goat Simulator menu style.

(JustinBarrett) #16

This is looking like it could be polished up more after the competition…looking very promising.

(Nicholas_A) #17

Link to the finished game: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?436234

(Fred/K.S) #18

Damn this game is amazing i really like the systems and Mechanics you put in it nice work bro im super impressedd.
Great development on this game.